The University's ProCard is for use in the purchase of goods and services, not to exceed $5000. It is issued to employees and can be set up with different limits and controls, based on purchasing needs.

PaymentNet Login

New ProCard Approval Process Information

In March 2022, the University of Alaska moved to an electronic format for approving transactions and storing related documents.  Transactions are now approved and documentation is uploaded and stored within PaymentNet.   Information and training links can be found below.  Please reach out to the ProCard Administrators for any questions.

ProCard Transaction Approval Process Introduction

New Approval Process/Banner Mapping Information

New Approval Process/Banner Mapping Information

New Reconciliation Process Video (PaymentNet)

New Transaction Approval Process Video (PaymentNet)


ProCard Application / Agreements / Forms


Printable Forms:

ProCard Violation Form:

This form needs to be filled out by the cardholder when they make a ProCard violation. If this is submitted by the department admin, reconciler, and or the approving official it will not be accepted. This form needs to be filled out in it's entirety, forms submitted without the correct information will not be accepted. 

ProCard Application:

University of Alaska cardholder agreement for the ProCard:

Important Documents: 



ProCard Application / Agreements / Forms

Custodial Card Forms:

Frequently Used Forms

Manuals & Handouts

System Requirements for PaymentNet
  • Mozilla® Firefox® 78.9 and above on Windows 7
  • Google Chrome TM 91 and above on Windows 7
  • Mac’s have not had any reported issues accessing PaymentNet.

Waiver Instructions

You must contact Denise Caissie at the contacts below for the permanent waiver form. 

907-474-7374 or at


ATTENTION CARDHOLDERS: As part of the process for obtaining your new credit card, you will receive two (2) emails from JP Morgan Chase. These emails provide information on the PaymentNet website, a user id and temporary password so you can log into the system. They are not spam! If you have not received them prior to physically getting your card, check your spam folder, as they may have been diverted.

You must to log into the system to finish your setup to have access to all your card information, declines & authorizations, etc. Contact Procurement at 907-474-7374 if you have any problems logging in or finding your messages.

NOTE: The temporary password is only good for 5 days. Contact 907-474-7374 or JPMorgan (800-316-6056) to have it reset. Once you have set your permanent password it can be reset on-line through the PaymentNet website.

TRAINING: ProCard/Department Travel Card training is scheduled on an as needed basis. New cardholders are invited, by email, to the first class after processing their applications.  All credit cards are delivered to Procurement & Contract Services. The cardholder will receive their card(s) upon completing training, if they have arrived.


This is a mandatory use membership.  All purchases for UA on the ProCard must be made via the UA Amazon Business Prime account per the Amazon Business Prime Use Policy.

University of Alaska now has a central Amazon Business Prime account that will make it even easier for you to purchase on Our goal is to simplify the purchasing process so you can take advantage of business only features you don’t have today on your consumer profiles.

Through this upgrade you will have immediate access to:

  • Free Prime Shipping on eligible items
  • Business Pricing and quantity discounts on select items
  • Business-tailored search and browse functionality
  • Access to a specialized Customer Service team for business customers only

Everything else you know and love about shopping on will remain the same.

If you would like to be added to the University of Alaska Amazon Business Business Account, please contact us at for an invite that will then walk you through the registration process. Once you have completed this one time process you can immediately start shopping on with an even better customer experience!

Staples Advantage

To get access to the Staples Advantage website with State of Alaska discounted pricing for University of Alaska, please contact Robert Ruy directly at You will be provided with individual login information.

Sensitive Account Codes

If one of these codes is used for a ProCard purchase, verify the grant supports these types of purchase prior to making the purchase. If the grant does not support purchases of these types, you will be required to do a JV to move the purchase to a different fund.

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