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The System Dashboards are interactive graphical tools used to display and explore project priorities and statuses. The power of these comprehensive graphs lies in the easy access to an extended amount of information. With a quick glance, a reader can easily determine the status of a project within the UA Project Lifecycle, and with a click discover a wealth of information pertaining to that particular project including: project leaders, stakeholders, level of funding received, progress of completetion, and the project charter. 

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Statewide IT Automation Review Improvement Project

Report by Professor Charlie Dexter, July 2009

Recommendations Document  by Behner, Trubacz and Smith

A review of automation support at Statewide was sponsored by Joe Trubacz, Beth Behner and Steve Smith. Professor Charlie Dexter conducted the review and issued a report on July 23, 2009 after interviews with individuals at all MAUs. Dexter suggested that the University undertake three phases of recommendations: those to occur immediately or within 6 months, those to follow the completion of the first phase, and those to occur one year after the completion of the earlier two sets of activities. Following the review and consideration of Professor Dexter’s report and specific recommendations (described on pages 7 and 8 of his report), the University pushed forward its analysis and proposed next steps concerning those recommendations.

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