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IT Project Development

"In developing open, free and direct communication with the UA community, we are engaging and aligning systemwide IT strategies with your priorities."

                                                                                             - Joe Trubacz, Former ITEC Chair

Defining a UA IT Project

A University of Alaska Information Technology project is defined using these four categories:

Specific - intended to accomplish measurable, isolated objectives

Finite - having defined, specific start and end dates

Unique - distinct from change management or operational maintenance

Significant, typically:

  • requiring >160 hours of work,
  • addressing immediate or high risk compliance concerns,
  • crossing Statewide departmental boundaries,
  • crossing MAU boundaries,
  • having high visibility,
  • introducing a new technology,
  • or impact of positive net revenue.

Project Lifestyle

To clarify the involved process of taking a project from an idea to operational production, we have developed a graphical representation of the “UA System IT Project Lifecycle”. The Lifecycle consists of four phases: Discovery, Initiate & Planning, Execute Monitor & Control, and the Closeout. Being aware of where a project is in the Lifecycle makes appropriate decision making possible. Decision points are laid out in each stage of the Lifecycle and help to keep the project on track and moving forward.

More information on the steps a project goes through can be found through the link below:

IT Project Lifecycle Breakdown

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