November, 1996

The University of Alaska Board of Regents is the governing body responsible for university policy and management through the president. Regents are appointed by the governor for eight-year terms, subject to legislative confirmation. A student regent is appointed for two years from candidates nominated on each campus.

(Regents' terms of office shown in parentheses.)

Board Members:

Michael P. Kelly (1991-1999), President
R. Danforth Ogg (1993-2001), Vice President
Mary Jane Fate (1993-2001), Secretary
Chancy Croft (1995-2003), Treasurer
Virginia W. Breeze (1989-1997)
Eric Forrer (1989-1997)
Sharon D. Gagnon (1991-1999)
Joe L. Hayes, Jr. (1995-1997)
Joseph R. Henri (1991-1999)
Joe J. Thomas (1995-2003)
Lew M. Williams Jr. (1991-1999)

Board of Regents Office
Jeannie Phillips
202 Butrovich Bldg.
P.O. Box 755300
Fairbanks, AK 99775-5300
(907) 474-7908

Regents to look at combining Schools of Education...At the suggestion of Juneau Regent Eric Forrer, the board decided at its November 20-22 meeting in Anchorage to look at combining the University of Alaska's three schools of education. The board's Academic and Student Affairs Committee will study the idea, initially for the purpose of responding to the emergence of national and state K-12 student and teacher standards, and ultimately for the purpose of consistency and overall quality in the university's education programs.

New name for merged colleges at UAA... The college formed by the recent merger of UAA's Colleges of Community and Continuing Education and Career and Vocational Education has been named the Community and Technical College.

Deferred maintenance projects proceed... Regents gave their approval to several deferred maintenance projects at UAF (Bunnell Building at an estimated cost of $9.45 million; McIntosh and Nerland Halls at a total estimated cost of $4.3 million; Bartlett, Moore and Skarland Halls at an estimated cost of $9.7 million). Regents also gave project approval for the relocation of ventilation fans and related renovation work at the UAA Engineering Building with an estimated cost of $754,000 and a deferred maintenance and code correction project for the original Duckering Building, estimated at $9.86 million.

Land management development plan okayed... Regents reviewed the annual report of the Statewide Office of Land Management and adopted the university's 1997 land management development plan. Copies of the plan are available from the Statewide Office of Land Management, University Lake Building, 3890 University Lake Drive, Suite 103, Anchorage, Alaska 99508. The telephone number is 907-786-7766.

Regents continue to press for "seamless" university system... Improving the process for the transfer and application of academic credits within the University of Alaska system continues to be a priority for the Board of Regents. President Mike Kelly of Fairbanks urged students who have encountered difficulty transferring credits from one campus to another to contact the regents' office with specific, detailed documentation of their problem. "If the cases we hear about contain no specifics, it makes it very difficult for us to look into the particular situation," Kelly said.

Cooperation between UAS and Yukon College... For the past seven years, UAS and Yukon College have jointly undertaken a number of highly successful ventures in graduate education. Between 1991 and 1994, UAS offered a program leading to its masters of public administration degree to middle and senior managers in the Yukon Territory. Between 1993 and 1996, UAS offered a similarly structured program for established teachers seeking advanced training in their field. As a result of these two initiatives, more than 50 of the Yukon Territory's leading professionals now hold advanced degrees from UAS. The two institutions are continuing to collaborate on programs, using a combination of satellite-based and on-site delivery. Sally Ross, president of Yukon College, and Aaron Sinkpiel, dean of arts and sciences at Yukon College, attended the November meeting to report to the regents.

Baccalaureate degrees available at extended campuses... In response to the concern of the board about repeated requests from students for the delivery of baccalaureate programs at extended campuses, the Systemwide Academic Council discussed with regents the current availability of programs and continuing plans to increase access to four-year degrees. Several bachelor degree programs are now available at the extended campuses and both UAS and UAF offer post-baccalaureate credential programs in education at extended sites. A social work/human services program with emphasis on application to rural areas is under active consideration with a needs assessment underway.

Regents lead push for technology-delivered education... At the request of the board, Marshall Lind, chancellor of UAS, reported on the activities of the UA Learning Cooperative (UALC) , the mission of which is to make UA academic programs more accessible to students, to provide greater flexibility in the design and delivery of instruction, and to make more effective use of the university system's instructional resources. UALC directs special attention to those students who do not pursue their educational goals through a traditional, campus-based program. The report highlighted projects supported by the UALC that broaden access to university courses offered throughout the system, regardless of where a student lives and registers.

In other board action... Regents passed a resolution of appreciation to thank the Kodiak Island Borough for its decision to set aside a portion of its proceeds from the settlement of the Exxon Valdez oil spill case for educational purposes. . . . The annual theatre conference at Prince William Sound Community College in Valdez was named in honor of Pulitzer-prize-winning playwright Edward Albee. . . . At the request of the student government at UAF, the student activity fee at UAF was increased by $5 to cover a budget shortfall. . . . Anchorage banker Benjamin Barrera was named to the Alaska Center for International Business Advisory Board.

Upcoming Meetings

November 21-22, 1996 Anchorage
February 12-15, 1997 Juneau

Published after each Board of Regents' meeting by the Office of Public Affairs:

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Written by Director of Public Affairs Bob Miller. UA