Office of Information Technology

Notes to Web Developers:

For each web site, the cascading style sheet (css) can be customized. The site specific css for each site is located in the /site_name/templates/css/local-style.css folder.

Roxen WCMS Components

UA ROXEN components and templates are located in /ua-templates/templates/

None of the components and templates from /roxen-files/cms-sites/4.5/ or /ua-templates/templates/ should be copied to an individual website

If a component or a template is copied or copied and modified to an individual website, such component or template is no longer supported by OIT Core Applications

Standard UAF recharge rates will apply for UAF departments if OIT Core Applications is asked to work on such modified component or template

If there is a need for a new component or template, a request should be placed with OIT Core Applications via the Support Center to create it

Customers are given the freedom to arrange all available components in a custom layout of their choosing

Customers can choose a prearranged layout from a predefined list free of charge

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