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Creating Forums

Creating a forum on a new page

Step 1

In edit mode, click on the Edit Icon icon.

Step 2

Creating the form - after clicking on the edit icon, a page similar to this will show.

Page Editor

Step 3

Click on the Insert arrow button that points to the space where a forum component is to be added. Then choose the type of component to be inserted.

Inserting a Forum Component

Step 4

Give the forum component a meaningful name and click on the green checkbox.

Naming the Forum

Step 5

Once the forum has been added and named, contact the OIT Support Center and request permission to the forum component. Additionally, every new forum in a forum component will need to have permissions assigned so the appropriate people can see the posts. However, threads in a forum (after permissions have been assigned to you for that forum) inherit the permissions from the forum. Be sure to include the name of the forum when the request to the Support Center is made.

Step 6

When you have permission to your forum you will be able to click on the "New Forum" link. You will only see this link from the edit server (https://cms-prod-edit/).

Adding a New Forum

Step 7

Give the forum a name and a description. Leave Moderators blank. Request access to the forum to either the public or logged in individuals. If your forum is open to the public, you may get spam.

Creating a Forum

Step 8

Once you have created a Forum, publish the page so that others can see it.

published forum

Additional Forum Settings

Remove Attachments

To remove all attachments in the entire forum, click on the Remove attachments link and click the yes button.

Remove attachments forum setting

IP Bans

To keep certain IP or range of addresses from posting, click on the IP-bans link and enter those IPs you want banned. This will allow them to still read the posts if the forum is open to the public.

Example: 2* would ban all IPs starting with 2 (most on-campus IPs start with 137.229),
?00* would ban all IPs that start with any number followed by two 0s (ex.

Banning IP addresses

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