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Web Site Requests

To keep up with the high demand of Web site requests, we are offering a content management system (CMS) called Roxen.  

Roxen focuses on rapid production of traditional-style Web sites. 

Individual users

University Departments

University Related Special Projects

Student Clubs and Organizations

Faculty- Project and Course Websites

Design & Publish

Templates, style/usage guidelines, instructions,  and content management options are linked here to help you publish in aUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks and Statewide   format and style most appropriate for you.

Roxen Templates

Design Resources

Tools and How-tos

Terms of Use


Many web-based collaboration technologies are available campus-wide and can be effective tools for all kinds of teams across research, instruction, and administrative settings.

Google Sites

Google Docs


We provide a wide array of online tools, and support resources for content providers and site administrators. 

Google Analytics

Search Appliance

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