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Equipment Certification and Registration

IP Video User Group - Equipment Certification and Registration

Procedure to certify and register IP video equipment with the Video Conferencing Services (VCS).

The following form is provided to gather specific information necessary to certify your IP video equipment and to generate a data base of registered equipment, insuring the highest quality conference possible. It will be necessary to consult your local IT technician to confirm such items as IP address, or dedicated switched port availability. This form is forwarded to OIT/VCS when completed.

  1. OIT/VCS receives the request, verifies that the minimum standards have been met. A unique name and address are then assigned for the equipment and OIT Network Operations will register the equipment with the proper gatekeeper.
  2. A test of the equipment is then scheduled between OIT/VCS and the user to familiarize the user with the equipment and to verify good video, audio quality and circuit performance.
  3. Upon completion of successful testing, OIT/VCS will issue a certification of registration for user's records.

To request certification/registration of your IP video equipment, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

IP Video Equipment Certification/Registration Request Form
Please be careful to read and answer the next six questions correctly. If you have a Polycom or Tandberg System the first four answers are yes. If you answer no to any of these questions you will not be able to complete certification. Please contact the OIT/VCS group with any questions. Thank you.

  1. Will your video equipment operate at 30 fps?
  2. Is your video equipment CIF compatible?
  3. Is your video equipment H.263 capable?
  4. Will your video equipment perform at 384 bps or better?
  5. Does your video equipment have a switched port network connection? (See local IT for assistance)
  6. Does your equipment have a static IP address? (See local IT for assistance)

Endpoint Certification Form

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