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What is NightWatchman?

NightWatchman is a feature rich software suite that provides intelligent power management of computers 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. With it's use of Wake on LAN technology,  system maintenance (such as AntiVirus Scans and Windows Updates) can be performed off-hours, regardless of the computers power state. Reports generated by the software provide an understanding of how energy is being consumed on campus, and how the campus can save money while reducing it's carbon footprint.

Why this program?

NightWatchman provides a number of beneficial features that meet the University's needs, including:

  • Putting computer systems into their proper power states when they need it.
  • Light weight installation that won't take too much system resources
  • Simple interface for users to keep their computers active, when they need them.
  • Scheduled maintenance times.
  • Access to reporting for cost / savings analysis.
  • Versatility in configuration for a variety of settings.
  • Excellent integration in current IT infrastructure
  • Maximizes user productivity with proactive health checks.
  • Expert vendor support!

Need your computer to remain on?

If you need to make an exception for an application so that your computer can continue doing work after hours, just fill out the Process Exceptions Form.

Who is sponsoring this initiative?

The Student Sustainability Grant Program (RISE Grant Program) administered through the UAF Office of Sustainability has sponsored this initiative as a direct solution to reducing the amount of energy the University of Alaska Fairbanks uses, and the size of the University's carbon footprint.

What should NightWatchman users expect?

Staff and Faculty systems will start to go to sleep after regular business hours. A message will prompt you that the computer is going into StandBy Mode. You can click "Sleep Later" if you are still working, and the computer will prompt again in 1 hour. Computers will begin waking up before regular business hours. If you arrive early, simply tap a key on the keyboard, and your computer should wake up on it's own.

Computer Labs will go to sleep based on their scheduled availability and usage.

What reports are available?

NightWatchman produces reports that allows us to track how much energy we use, and how much money we save by putting computers to standby.

Reports Coming Soon!

What is a Maintenance Period?

A maintenance period is a time frame for when the computers should wake up and have operating system updates, and antivirus scans performed. Typically this time is about three hours at the beginning of the day. Without this period of time, this time would have to take place during the business day, which can impact user productivity.


My computer just shut down?!

What is this little green icon in my system tray?

How do I stop my computer from going to sleep?

Does the client work on Mac?

Does the client work for computers outside of the UA Domain?

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