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What is CrashPlan?

CrashPlan is an automatic backup utility for  the data on your computer. CrashPlan runs silently in the background and continuously backs up your computer to the cloud, complete with file versioning and encryption security, allowing you to quickly and easily restore files on your own.

Can I use CrashPlan?

Yes, any department can opt-in to CrashPlan backups. CrashPlan is available for $70 per employee annually. Each employee is able to login to CrashPlan on four computers, with unlimited backups for that employee on those computers.

How do I install CrashPlan?

If your department has opted in CrashPlan will be automatically installed and an account will be created for you. After that, CrashPlan will automatically and silently backup your files, and you only need to interact with CrashPlan when you want to restore files. If you use different credentials (username and password) than your University credentials (UA Google, WiFi, etc.) to login to your computer, CrashPlan will still install but you will need to manually enroll using your University credentials the first time. After enrolling, CrashPlan will continue to function automatically.

Please note, it is required for your computer to be OIT managed (on the UA Domain or enrolled in Casper) to receive this software. If you want multiple people to use Crashplan on the same computer or if need to get your computer under OIT management, then please contact the OIT Service Desk.

Is it easy to restore files?

Yes, restoring files is easy to do on your own or you may call the OIT Service Desk for assistance. There are two ways to restore files on your own, through the CrashPlan application installed on your computer, or by going to,logging in with your UA credentials, and downloading your files.

Want to know more?

Code42 provides thorough documentation for CrashPlan - topics include:

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