What is Citrix?

Citrix allows allows a user to connect to the Citrix Server Applications hosted by the University of Alaska to remotely run on your PC, Mac OS X, iOS and Android device.

Why this program?

In our continuing efforts to provide our customers with the best service possible, we are migrating our citrix farm to the latest version available. Our first target application is Banner. This will affect our remote campuses as well as a few local users that have been determined to be benefiting from this service.

How do I get Citrix?

PC or Mac OS X system: Please navigate to and follow the prompts to download and install the client

iOS Devices: Please download Citrix Receiver from the Apple Store

Android Devices: Please download Citrix Receiver from Google Play Store

How to configure Citrix

Citrix setup instructions for:

Windows OS

Mac OS X

iOS Devices

Android Devices

What should Citrix Users expect?

The new version of Citrix comes different ways of accessing the services. Banner will no longer be accessed using the shared oratools account. Customers will now be using their UA domain accounts to access this so we will be needing a list of users that need access to Banner in order to place them in the appropriate group.

How can I tell if Citrix is working?

Once you've installed Citrix receiver you should have access to the Applications that you have permissions to use.

If you still need Citrix access please fill out the Account Request/Change Form and fax it to the OIT Support Center