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Employee e-Learning (Skillsoft)

Category: Help & Training


University of Alaska employees have access to online courses, job aids, Books24x7 and Knowledge Centers.

Service Users

All active University of Alaska employees (includes adjuncts, student employees).



University of Alaska SkillSoft Employee Training Materials are available at no cost to end users.

Get Started

The SkillSoft service is accessed via the Human Resources website or via UAOnline from the Employee Tab, Employee e-Learning menu. SkillSoft login uses the UA Username and password.


The SkillSoft service is available 24 hours per day. Exceptions include: scheduled maintenance and unplanned outages.

Getting Help

Customers can request general assistance and report problems with this service through their local campus helpdesk.

Users may test their computer and web browser configuration to access the SkillSoft SkillPort Platform and active SkillSoft elearning content by visiting the SkillSoft Browser Capabilities Check Link.
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