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OIT's Training & Development Group offers a variety of instruction in computer related technologies for faculty and staff. Class formats range from informational seminars to hands-on training in SMART classrooms to technology workshops that offer you the opportunity to actively explore the software. Classes include topics in Windows, Banner, Blackboard, Microsoft Office, Web. 2.0, web browsers, Adobe applications, web content management, SMARTBoards, and basic instruction in how to operate the equipment located in the SMART classrooms around the campus. Sessions are also available for individuals and departmental or office groups. The Training & Development Group offers assistance with train the trainer products and assistance locating outside vendors or other UA affiliated trainers to deliver specialized or customized training to UA faculty, staff or student employees. Our staff also provides second line support, testing, and evaluation for the UA supported computer applications listed earlier. The Training & Development Group maintain walk-in support in their training lab in 319B Bunnell as well as 104 Butrovich which serves as a training lab for UA affiliated faculty and staff. Current class listings are found on our training calendar where you can also sign up.

Service Users

To participate in our classes you must be UA faculty, staff or a student employee. This is due to contractual obligations for some courses (i.e. Microsoft Office applications) or Sensitive Data protections (i.e. Banner Navigation). Training for students who are not employees is not available at this time due to staffing constraints.


If you request training outside of either of our two labs, it is your responsibility to provide the trainer and participants access to a computer lab, current software, training materials/aids, and appropriate access levels to the systems for which training is being conducted.


All training delivered on UAF/UA Fairbanks campus or local to the Fairbanks area is funded out of base and delivered at no additional cost to the customer. Training delivered via distance delivery is funded out of base and delivered at no additional cost to the customer. Training requiring travel out of the UAF Fairbanks campus area is charged on a case by case basis, usually the requesting agency pays for travel, lodging, per diem, rental car, and overtime pay. Salary remains the responsibility of OIT. Overtime pay for training delivered outside the M-F/8-5 range may be charged to the requesting agency; this is a case by case determination. Costs of training delivered by outside vendors or other UA affiliated training is the responsibility of the requesting unit or agency. Second line support is funded out of base.

Get Started

We recommend that you view the training calendar and sign up for training or initiate a special request through the OIT Support Center.


Our office - 319B Bunnell - is open Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and by appointment

Getting Help

Customers request general assistance and report problems with this service through the OIT Support Center.
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