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Department Organization in UA Directory

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This service organizes University of Alaska departments, while also enabling users to view and change these departments, including "faux" departments.

Service Users

Any user may view the UA department structure using the UA Enterprise Directory web interface. Any UA department may edit information about their department and request creation of "faux" departments under it. These faux departments represent units, labs, services or offices that are not part of the official UA structure maintained and approved by the Board of Regents.


The official UA structure is a strict hierarchy; every unit except the very top (UA) has exactly one \"parent\" unit and may have any number of "child" units under it. The official UA structure contains some units added primarily for uniformity among campuses. Faux units added to the Directory must attach to a specific unit within the existing structure and must be permitted by that "parent" unit.

University of Alaska: Acceptable Use of Online Resources

University of Alaska Board of Regents Policy of Information Resources


There is no charge to users for this service.

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Getting Help

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