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Current Hardware Recommendations

The specifications provided are the baseline recommendations.  If your job requires special applications or hardware,  please contact the Service Desk for a customized recommendation and quote.

Windows and Mac computers are both fully supported by OIT. When deciding on a platform, we recommend choosing one that is not only familiar to you, but also supports the applications you will need to be using.  For a list of available University Licensed software available for each platform please see the software catalog.

Baseline Recommended Specifications

Category Description
Processor Intel Core i5
Memory (RAM) 8 GB
Hard Drive

500 GB or 256 GB SSD


Intel HD Graphics

Service Contract

For Mac computers: please add Apple Care for iMacs, and Apple Care Plus for MacBooks.

For Dell Computers: please add Pro Support for Desktops, and Pro Support Plus for Laptops. 

The Office of Information Technology recommends the following laptop and desktop computers based on reliability, support, and performance. OIT has a contract with both Dell and Apple which allows us to purchase computers at a discounted price with enterprise level support.  OIT cannot guarantee support for other computer brands or those purchased from other vendors. The contracted vendor for Dell purchases is Government Computer Sales, GCSIT. The links for Dell computers below will take you to GCSIT's premiere page for the University of Alaska with special discounts and pre-configured builds.



Dell OptiPlex

Starting at $760

Customize your own Optiplex


21.5-inch iMac

Starting at $1,049

Customize your own iMac









Dell Latitude

Starting at $917.90

Customize your own Latitude



13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Starting at $1,199

Customize your own MacBook Pro

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