Office of Information Technology


About eduroam

 eduroam is a secure wireless network developed for the research and education community. Leveraging a vast international network of partner organizations, network access at participating institutions worldwide is as simple as configuring your computer to use eduroam for wireless network access.

Configure eduroam

Once configured, eduroam securely connects your computer to the campus wireless network automatically using the installed security certificates or profiles.  Each year, these security certificates or profiles will need to be refreshed based on expiration warnings from your respective system.

eduroam Partner Institutions

eduroam is partnered with hundreds of Universities and research institutions worldwide. From US institutions like UCLA, Tulane, and Georgetown, to European Universities like University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and Université de Paris.

eduroam has a number of maps with member institutions worldwide. Click the links below to see maps from around the world with location points for eduroam institutions.

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