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Email Safety & Phishing

We have seen several email attempts lately that attempt to get users to reply with their email account and password. The University of Alaska will NEVER ask you to provide any account information like passwords through an email.

Identity thieves use a technique known as phishing, a highly targeted email scam
designed to acquire personal and other sensitive information, such as passwords, from unsuspecting readers.

These phishing emails appear to come from an organization you trust or have a relationship with,
such as your bank or in this case the University of Alaska. Keep in mind that legitimate organizations do not ask for information via email.

The University of Alaska Office of Information Technology advises that you NEVER send personally identifiable information in an email to anyone. Any emails requesting that type of information should be ignored.

Google has created a brief video on detecting and reporting phishing attempts. This can be found linked on our login page or directly at or search Google for "Messages asking for personal information."

University of Alaska Antivirus Resources

The University of Alaska (UA) has a site license for Symantec AntiVirus End Point Protection, available to UA students and employees at no charge. The product provides up to date latest virus definitions, without requiring a personal subscription. You are licensed to use this software on your personal PC as long as you are a UA student or employee and UA maintains a valid licensing agreement with the Symantec Corporation.

AntiVirus Installation

In order to download Symantec AntiVirus on your machine, you will need to be on a valid university network (authenticated wired or wireless connection).  Once you have authenticated and are on the UA network, the software is available for download from our Software Downloads page.

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