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Restoring Lost Email & Calendar Functionality

The University of Alaska (UA) established a single email and calendaring solution through Google Apps to streamline communication and calendaring during the summer of 2016. Phase 1 of this project was considered complete by Fall 2016, however, outstanding technical issues for UAA and UAS users remain.
The Restoring Lost Email & Calendaring Functionality (RLE&CF) project, Phase II, was created to resolve urgent technical issues currently being experienced by users.

What does this project website communicate?

What are the four urgent technical issues currently being addressed?

What is the timeline?

Who makes up project leadership and the project team?

What's been accomplished so far?

How do I use the new Global Address List (GAL)?

Project Documents

RLE&CF Project Charter

After Action Report

Voicemail to Email Options

Project Close-Out Document 

Biweekly Project Updates

4/28/17 RLE&CF Update

5/19/17 RLE&CF Update

6/02/17 RLE&CF Update

6/16/17 RLE&CF Update

6/30/17 RLE&CF Update

7/14/17 RLE&CF Update

7/28/17 RLE&CF Update

8/11/17 RLE&CF Update

8/25/17 RLE&CF Update

9/8/17 RLE&CF Update

9/22/17 RLE&CF Update

10/6/17 RLE&CF Update

10/20/17 RLE&CF Update

11/3/17 RLE&CF Update

11/17/17 RLE&CF Update

12/1/17 RLE&CF Update

12/15/17 RLE&CF Update

1/12/18 RLE&CF Update

1/26/18 RLE&CF Update

2/9/18 RLE&CF Update

2/23/18 RLE&CF Update

3/9/18 RLE&CF Update

3/23/18 RLE&CF Update

6/6/18 RLE&CF Update

Issues Reported by UAA Users

Issues reported by UAA users after the migration have been placed into three categories below and are also included in the Google Apps @ UA FAQs section. The first category below provides explanation of how a user resolves these issues in Google. The second category highlights issues that stem from synchronization issues. The third category identifies functionality that Google does not replicate.

Category 1- Functionality Accomplished In a Different Way
This category consists of functionality that can be accomplished in both Outlook and Google.

Voicemail Forwarding-

Unable to Hide Private Events from Delegate-

User Calendars are Not Viewable by Default

Unable to View .msg or .eml File

Deleting a Folder in Outlook Does Not Remove the Label in Gmail

Gmail Does not Accept Special Characters in Label / Folder Names

Outlook for Mac Does not Sync With Google Calendar

Outlook Search

Deleting Calendar Invites in Outlook Mail

Calendar Events are Arriving from a Delegate and not the Organizer

Attachment Limit is 25 MB

Setting Office Hours in Google

Category 2- Known Issues with the Synchronization Process Between Outlook & Google
This category consists of functionality that is affected by the Outlook / Google synchronization process.

Messages I Delete from my Outlook Sent Items Folder Later Reappear There

Some Calendar, Contact, Notes, or Tasks Folders Won't Sync

Receiving Outlook Sync Error Messages

Only Certain Shared Calendars Sync with Outlook

Tentative Status

Out of Office Setting in Outlook

Category 3- Limitations Within Google
This category consists of lost functionality unable to be addressed until Google makes a change to their service. An example of this is the nested folders issue, Google made a change to their service supporting nested folders and resolved this issue.

Voicemail Integration & Transcription

Attachment Limit is 25 MB

Message Importance Level

Calendar Items do not Accept Attachments

Follow Up Flags

Public Folders

Setting Internal and External Out of Office Messages

Drafts Saved in Outlook don't Sync to Gmail

Skype Does Not Display Google Meetings Under the Events Tab

500 Max Recipients

Unable to Assign Granular Permissions to Gmail Delegates

Rich Content in Calendar Events

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