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The Governance project was completed in August with a final report of recommendations to President Johnsen, CITO Kowalski and IT Governance Planning Committee. Recommendations involve a series of building blocks including: implementing best practices – guidelines and procedures; establishing methodology and process – for proposing IT services, projects and funding; reorganizing and streamlining – the many University IT committees and functions as part of the overall structure with one new high-level committee. This new committee will be representative of the University and responsible for making decisions on policy, procedure, products, services and projects that impact the University as a whole or involve a major investment. The new committee will not be involved in day-to-day management of teams or departments but will instead focus on major initiatives and planning.

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  • Review, evaluate, and make recommendations concerning new policies or implementation of policies relating to technology in support of the UA Mission;
  • Establish and measure key performance indicators;
  • Advise and guide the UA Administration and Board on technology opportunities and risks;
  • Ensure the effective and efficient use of IT in enabling the University to achieve its goals;
  • Provide consistent and comprehensive UA technology leadership that is aligned with the strategic priorities and mission of the University of Alaska;
  • Support the appropriate agenda and preparation for the UA Board of Regents as requested by the UA Administration;
  • Establish and maintain processes/procedures that ensure individual institutions are appropriately consulted, represented, informed, accountable and/or responsible regarding the planning, deployment and operations of system-wide technology;
  • Establish and follow mechanisms for shared services that are well-articulated, transparent and equitable for all institutions;
  • Establish procedures and measures to monitor adherence to decisions and policies (compliance and assurance);
  • Ensure that processes, behaviors, and procedures are in accordance with policies and within risk tolerances to support decisions;
  • Facilitate efficiency and effectiveness through System-wide collaboration and the provision of technology shared services, while allowing for institutional academic differentiation
  • Ensure practices that successfully evaluate, select and execute implementation of system-wide technology solutions.

Historical Planning Committee

Executive leadership:

Jim Johnsen, President
Cathy Sandeen, Chancellor UAA
Rick Caulfield, Chancellor UAS
Daniel White, Chancellor UAF
Mark Kondrak, Chief IT Officer
Jim Bates, Business Improvement Group, Inc.

University of Alaska Anchorage:

Vince Yelmene, IS Manager Matsu College
Charlene Robertson, Accounting Services Manager
Pat Shier, Chief Information Officer/Associate Vice Chancellor
Cathy Ewing, Interim Director of Admissions
James Sandoval, Fiscal Manager, College of Engineering
Bill Spindle, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services

University of Alaska Fairbanks:

Martha Mason, Exec Director User Services
Julie Queen, Director Office of Management and Budget
Raaj Kurapati, Associate Vice Chancellor
Mike Earnest, Registrar & Director of Enrollment Services
Gwen Bryson, Manager Research Computing Services

University of Alaska Southeast

Dr. Karen Carey, Provost
Dr. Priscilla Schulte, Ketchikan Campus Director
Mona Yarnall, UAS Information Technology
Michael Ciri, Vice Chancellor Administration/CIO
Susie Feero, Assistant Professor, Information Systems

Faculty Alliance Appointments

Cecile Lardon, Faculty Alliance Chair, Associate Prof PsychologyDavid Fitzgerald, Professor, Information Systems and Decision Science, UAA
David Marvel, Faculty Center for Teacher Education, UAS

Presidential Appointments

Kelli McGee, Chief Human Resources Officer
Saichi Oba, AVP Student Services
Dan White, Vice President Academic Affairs and Research
Michelle Rizk, Vice President Strategy, Planning and Budget
Gwen Gruenig, Associate Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning and Analysis
Mary Gower, Director of Enrollment Services

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