Office of Information Technology


Key Contact

Travel Requests:
phone (907) 450-8319 
fax (907) 450-8381

Steps to Request Travel

1. Complete Travel Request Form.  Please send form to  Once your form is received the IT Travel Coordinator will prepare a TA (Travel Authorization) and route for approval.

2. Please make sure to make any updates to your Travel Profile if needed.  Especially if you have had a recent change of banks (see direct deposit link below) or change of address.

*University employees do not have to purchase insurance when renting a car while in "business" travel status. See Memo from Statewide Office of Risk Management (pdf).

After Travel

  1. Submit original receipts* within 7 days of the completion of travel to the OIT Travel Coordinator.
  2. The OIT Travel Coordinator will prepare the Expense Report (TER) and route for approval.   Once submitted, you will be reimbursed via paper check. However, Direct Deposit is the preferred method of reimbursement and should be set up on UAOnline.  This is a separate direct deposit from payroll.

*Receipts to include:  baggage fees, hotel folio, final car rental agreement, conference/meeting agenda, and any gas, taxi or, parking receipts.

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