Office of Information Technology

Root Cause Analysis Archive

This page holds OIT Root Cause Analysis documents as they are released for public consumption. These documents outline points of failure, and their respective resolutions, as they pertain to service interruptions to major systems directly impacting University operations.

File    Date            Name

PDF   04-23-2018   VM Host 43

PDF   04-06-2018   VM Host 16

PDF   03-26-2018   Banner Prod Outage

PDF   03-26-2018   VPN Authentication

PDF   12-22-2017   Banner Prod Outage

PDF   10-06-2017   UA Learn Enrollment Disablement

PDF   02-04-2013   Expired Edir Certificate

PDF   11-7/8-2010  Registration Problem

PDF   10-22-2010   Banner Prod Outage

PDF   10-11-2010   DNS Problem

PDF   10-07-2010   HP Service Manager Outage 

PDF   07-01-2010   Bethel Server Compromise

PDF   05-18-2010   Voice System Outage

PDF   04-22-2010   Data Center Power Outage

PDF   04-19-2010   INB Banner Issue

PDF   03-09-2010   E-mail Slowdown

PDF   03-08-2010 Websites Unavailable

PDF   01-21-2010   Banner Slowdown

PDF   01-15-2010   IE8 Inadvertent Deployment

PDF   01-14-2010   Voice Mail Outage

PDF   12-05-2009   ELMO Outage

PDF   11-24-2009   Payroll Process Problem

PDF   09-21-2009   DHCP Failure

PDF   09-01-2009   Google Apps Webmail Outage

PDF   02-05-2009   UAF SMTP Connectivity Issues

PDF   01-23-2009   Network Services Outage

PDF   11-20-2008   EDIR Expert Unavailable

PDF   11-11-2008   ELive Outage 11-19-2008 PDF Voicemail Outage

PDF   03-24-2008   ASUAF Server Outage

PDF   02-29-2008   MBS Video Server Failure

PDF   02-22-2008   UAF Domain Login Failures

PDF   02-18-2008   UAF Registrar Kiosk Outage

PDF   02-14-2008   Printer Outage finsys3

PDF   02-12-2008   Gruening Printer Outage

PDF   01-21-2008   Eielson AFB Testing Lab Network Outage

PDF   01-21-2008   Irving Network Outage

PDF   01-20-2008 Website Outage

PDF   01-03-2008   SW E-Mail Slowdown Issues

PDF   02-19-2007   UAF Upper Campus Printer Interruption

PDF   01-26-2007   UAF E-Mail Failure

PDF   11-17-2006   Statewide Administration E-Mail Failure

PDF   10-20-2006   WCI Telecom Outage

PDF   09-07-2006   UAF Labs Domain

PDF   02-13-2006   UAF E-Mail Failure - External Review (Memo)

PDF   01-01-2006   UAF E-Mail Failure - External Review

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