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Procurement & Contracts

Key Contacts

Roxie Speegle
, Procurement & Property Officer
Butrovich 103
phone (907) 450-8319
fax (907) 450-8381

Submit a Purchase Request

There are now two Purchase Request forms available.

1.Google Form:

2. PDF OIT Purchase Request Form

Only one vendor per request form will be accepted. All purchase requests should be submitted using one of these forms. All PDF OIT Purchase Request Forms need to be submitted as an e-mail attachment to

When submitting the request form, please provide the following information to avoid delays:

  1. Requested delivery date--RUSH orders must be clearly identified and may be processed sooner.
  2. Delivery contact's address, phone and email.
  3. Your FUND and ORG including detailed information on any splits.
  4. At least one suggested source for all purchases <$5K--including contact information.
  5. Part or item number and description. If a quote is attached simply enter "see quote" as the description.
  6. Department/Project that your request will support. This is especially important on purchases for departments outside of OIT.
  7. When using funds outside of OIT please attach the email authorization from the department.

Requests >$5K require these additional items:

  1. At least one quote for all purchases > $5K
  2. A Brand Specific Memo if only one brand is acceptable and/or compatible.
  3. A Sole Source Memo if you will only accept equipment from one vendor.

Please Note:
You will be notified when your ordered has been placed. Please remember that procurements are processed in the order they are received.

Any purchases requiring an IT Business Office employee to leave the building will be consolidated into one trip per week whenever possible.

Start/Renew a Contract or Membership

For all contracts, hardware, software, or membership renewals please contact the Contract Coordinator.

For establishing a new contractual or consulting agreement within OIT, please see the scope of work (SOW) guideline below. A funding source, vendor quotes, vendor W9, and SOW may be needed to establish a new contract.

Tips for writing a scope of work (SOW)

Can't Wait? Use a Blanket Purchase Order (BPO)

For expedited service, the IT Business Office can create a BPO (aka call #) for you to purchase items yourself at some local stores. BPO's can only be used for instock items (computer and office supplies) and one-time service (shipping, catering).

Open an OIT Audio Conferencing Account

OIT departments can set up an account with Encounter Collaborative for audio conferencing by sending an email request to Be sure to include the following information in your request:

  1. Description of Conference/Use (this can be the department/project name)
  2. Moderator/Owner
  3. Date Needed

UA Property/Surplus Forms

UAF Property Transfer and Equipment Surplus Forms

Copies of all UA property forms should be submitted to the IT Business Office or faxed directly to 907-450-8381.

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