Office of Information Technology

Mail & Shipping

Key Contact

Roxie Speegle, Procurement & Property Officer
Butrovich 103
Purchasing Requests:
phone (907) 450-8319
fax (907) 450-8381

General Mail Info

USPS mail is gathered and distributed through both IT Business Office (ITBO) locations daily. Packages from private carriers are also delivered accordingly when they arrive. Please be aware that the ITBO is not resposible for personal shipments received at work.

Alaska Airlines Goldstreak/Cargo Procedures

OIT Steps for Utilizing AK Air Goldstreak:

  1. Please inform the IT Business Office as soon as possible when you know Goldstreak services will be required (typically same day). Please contact IT Business Office staff via, at 450-8380 (press 3 for Goldstreak), or via the Procurement Officer at 450-8319. This will allow for an ITBO fiscal officer to schedule a time to contact or be contacted by AK Airlines to provide credit card information.
  2. Drop off the Goldstreak shipment during Goldstreak business hours and call (or have the vendor call directly) for credit card information to complete the transaction. As noted above, please call the Procurement Officer at 450-8319 or 450-8380 (press 3 for Goldstreak) for immediate response.
  3. Please bring or send the AK Air receipt to the IT Business Office, Attn: Procurement Officer, Butrovich Suite 103, campus box 5320, for processing.


Goldstreak Business Hours:
M-F 7am-7pm; Sat. 9am-5pm

ITBO business hours are M-F 8am-5pm.  For Goldstreak during weekend or after hours (5pm-7pm weekdays) notify the OIT Support Center at 450-8300, or see the OIT On-Call List (distributed weekly) for assistance.

Sending a Package

FedEx is OIT's preferred carrier for shipping domestic and international packages. Each OIT department has been assigned a unique username and password for There, you can prepare shipments, print labels, and schedule pick-ups as needed.

To send a package via USPS, please contact the ITBO for coordination. The ITBO can purchase postage and arrange for the package to be sent. Funding information will be needed in those instances. Please remember, personal shipments are not the responsibility of the ITBO, and we will not process them.

Using Your FedEx Account

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your username and password. If you are unsure what they are, contact your supervisor or IT Purch. If you have sharepoint access, you can also look it up.
  3. To prepare shipping labels, select Ship —> Prepare a Shipment
    • Verify the package location and enter the package info
    • Edit the reference number to charge somewhere other than your default ORG.
    • If you are in Butrovich and shipping Fed Ex Express, select to use an already scheduled pick up. Fed Ex Express picks up daily from suite 103. For all other shipments, select "schedule a pick-up," which will need to be done separately.
    • You can add the recipient’s email address for shipment confirmations.
    • Click on the "ship" button at the bottom. You will see a confirmation screen with another "ship" button—press the second "ship" button to complete your labels for printing.
  4. To schedule a pick-up select Ship —> Schedule a Pick-Up
    • Verify the package location before completing; this section should be edited as needed.
    • Verify the service you want to use.
    • You can add your email address to receive a pick-up confirmation.
    • Click on the "schedule pickup" button to complete your request.

Shipping UPS

OIT does not have an account with UPS. However, if you have a prepaid label, UPS will take outgoing items left in Suite 103 when they are here to drop off packages. If your package needs to go out immediately, it can be dropped off at the UPS Store, located at 3875 Geist Road.

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