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Updates to OIT's Website and Service Catalog

The OIT website contains two types of content— Roxen based content which is editable within Roxen and content fed to the website from a secure storage outside of Roxen. OIT’s service catalog includes information pages about each service. This information is fed from a secure database. OIT users may make updates directly to the Roxen based content within the website, as well as request updates to the OIT service catalog. Both types are subject to the change management process depicted in the OIT change workflow for website and service catalog. The OIT Website Guidelines are also available as a reference when making changes to the OIT website or service catalog. The steps below outline the site and catalog change management process.

PLEASE NOTE: Updates made to the OIT website are published for approval within a Roxen workflow. This process is in place to help maintain consistency throughout the site and to inform the OIT Service Desk of changes to the site so they may communicate current information to service recipients. Approval requests submitted before noon on weekdays will be addressed by 4 p.m. that same day. Requests for changes to the site submitted after noon on weekdays will be addressed by 4 p.m. the following weekday. More than likely, approval will be made within minutes of the request being submitted.

Updating the OIT website in Roxen

Making updates to the OIT site in Roxen:
    1.    After entering edit mode in Roxen, OIT User updates content on OIT website.
    2.    When ready to save change(s), within Insite Editor, OIT User selects one of two options—"Publish" or "Publish and Approve". These are presented when selecting the green Publish button along top menu bar. Selecting "Publish" merely saves the changes for that user; while "Publish and Approve" submits the change to the OIT Admin Group to continue on with the next step of the change process.
    3.    With the selection of "Publish and Approve" OIT Admin reviews the change(s) and typically Approves the changes.
    4.    An email is sent to the OIT Admin group with confirmation of the approval. OIT Admin then notifies the OIT User that the change has been approved.

Updating the OIT Service Catalog

Information pages about OIT’s services on the website are fed from a database that is accessible by the database administrators. To add a service category or subcategory, or request a change or update to an existing service catalog page, submit a request via Cherwell. The following are request subcategories for updates and changes to OIT's service catalog:

IT Service Management / Service Catalog  / Update category information
IT Service Management / Service Catalog  / Add a new category
IT Service Management / Service Catalog  / Add a new subcategory/specifics
IT Service Management / Service Catalog  / Request a process change
IT Service Management / Service Catalog  /
 Retire a category

For updates to existing content, include in the request the URL where the service index is located on the OIT website, the verbiage as it currently exists on the site, the preferred verbiage, and any other pertinent information. You may be contacted by the OIT Service Catalog Manager if additional information is needed. An email is sent to you with confirmation that the request has been received. An email is also sent to you with notification when the change has been made. 

Adding a new service category or subcategory to the OIT Service Catalog

Fill out the service index template, then submit a Cherwell service request asking that a new service category be added to the OIT service catalog. Use the IT Service Management/Service Catalog/Add New Category categorization in Cherwell. In the request, if possible, include the service catalog categor(ies) where the service should be grouped and possible subcategory information. If this is not included with the request, you will be contacted by OIT's Service Catalog Manager for more information. For additional questions regarding changes to the OIT website or service catalog, contact to the OIT Help Desk at

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