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Activity ID: 3357

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Proactive Maintenance - RPTQ  

Short description

Move the preproduction reporting instance database to talkeetna 


Systems/Applications affected:
(a) ODS-QMenu prep/QAdHoc prep: Toklat-RPTQ

Status 1

Activity / Outage 

Start day

Wednesday, 1-22-2014 Time: 08:00 am 

Recovery day

Monday, 1-27-2014 Time: 05:00 pm 


5 days, including a weekend.


The prep ODS database needs to move to a new server, and be upgraded Oracle 11g in the process.

Affected customers

All users of QMenu/QAdHoc Prep and the RPTQ database.

Please note

(1) The actual outage is expected to be only one day.  The activity, however, which includes refreshing snapshots, will likely take a few days.
(2) RPTP/QMenu/QAdHoc will be up and available.

Authorized by

James Gentry OIT Technical Services Manager 

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