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Activity ID: 3281

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SW Active Directory Domain-Decommissioning  

Short description

Decommission/Discontinue SW Active Directory Domain 


Decommission/Discontinue SW Active Directory Domain

Status 1


Start day

Wednesday, 10-30-2013 Time: 08:00 am 

Recovery day

Friday, 3-14-2014 Time: 05:00 pm 


One Hundred and Twenty days (120) Days.  Actual activity period maybe of a shorter duration.


Disable and discontinue any remaining resources/services in the SW Active Directory Domain.  Decommission and retire the SW Active Directory Domain.


Work to be performed by various OIT Departments.  Select activities will have their own published activity notices published specifying dates and actions.


Disable/remove any remaining resources/services in SW Active Directory Domain and Decommission the SW Active Directory Domain.  Shutdown in place final AD Domain Controllers for SW Active Directory Domain.  Remove all service records in DNS for SW Active Directory Domain

Affected customers

All SW Active Directory Domain users and services currently being provided in SW Active Directory Domain.

Please note

All users should now be or will be converted to use the Unified Active Directory for all services and supported resources.  Users should be logging into the UA domain for AD services/resources.  Department service accounts should have been migrated to Unified Active Directory.  Current services/users remaining in SW Active Directory Domain will be migrated to the Unified AD during this activity.

Authorized by

Ricky King OIT Windows Server Administration Manager 

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