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Voice over IP (VoIP)

Project Description

In 2010 UAF partnered with World Wide Technologies (WWT) to roll out a campus-wide Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system. The majority of new telephony products on the market are based on VoIP technology and legacy products are generally no longer available.

This project will: 
  1. Upgrade the significant backlog of UAF campus wide network infrastructure (deferred maintenance) needs;
  2. Replace the existing telephone switch, which is currently aged beyond its serviceable life; and
  3. Capitalize on simplified management benefits and potential long range cost savings with the deployment of a converged voice and data (VoIP) system. Converged services means moving existing voice and data traffic to one core network rather than preserving two separate networks. 

Over 50 buildings will be brought to a modern network standard and approximately 2,780 VoIP telephone handsets will be delivered to UAF and Statewide (SW) customers over the next three to four years. Residence halls, leased space, and community campus converged networks will be addressed in later phases and/or via separate project(s).

To date, VoIP phones have been installed in several building's around UAF and Statewide. VoIP phone training is made available to all staff and faculty prior to deploying the VoIP System in their building.

Project FAQs
VoIP Executive Summary (.docx)
Telephone and voice mail service details

Key Contacts

For questions or additional information about the VoIP project contact:
Kevin Jacobson
Project Manager
(907) 450-8021 

For questions or additional information about billing or recharge rates contact:
Wendy Rupe
Recharge Fiscal Officer
(907) 474-6908

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