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Skillsoft Corporation's online courses and job aids are available to employees through a learning management system called SkillPort. You can access these online resources from any desktop computer with an internet connection (see system requirements). Your learning results are automatically recorded and transferred to your learning history within SkillPort.


Video Clips for Navigating in SkillPort 7.0:

  1.  Search and Learn - 
  2.  My Plan - 
  3.  My Progress - 
  4.  Catalog -   
For the catalog of courses available to University of Alaska employees, see the course "Catalog" link further below.

Login to Employee E-Learning

In addition to the above "Login" link, employees may login to "Employee E-Learning" through UAOnline or their regional Human Resources office website here.

Skillsoft not running properly? Have you checked if you have the most current version of Java? Click Here to download.

For more information on the benefits of SkillSoft or how to use the E-Learning system Get Started here.


Skillsoft Update

***    To Print a Certificate with an Updated Completion Date  (added October 19, 2012)

For recertification purposes, employees may need to retake courses annually or produce a certificate with a current date. 


Click here for instructions - Updated Certificate


***    Print "Certificate of Completion" or Individual Progress Report    (added October 19, 2012)

Click herefor screenshots and instructions

***     To Receive an Email When Books are Added to Books24x7      *** (added October 25, 2010)

Once you log into your Skillsoft / UA account, select Books24x7 either at the top of the webpage or under "Shortcuts" at the left margin of your screen.  This will take you to another screen, into Books24x7.   Select the tab "Account Info" located near the top of the screen.   On the left margin under "Settings" click on "Email Options." Under the dropdown menu, select "All new titles."

Click "Update."   Click here for screenshots and instructions.

***    Pull Your Own Report    *** (added June 22, 2010)

Once you log into your Skillsoft / UA account, you may pull your own report.  Click on “My Report” under Shortcuts in the left margin (dark blue area on the SkillPort site).    Click on “Print-friendly version” for your full report or you may select criteria to limit the report, e.g. “Use Completed Date” then click “Print-friendly version.”   Click here for screenshots and instructions.

***    Pull Your Own “Certificate of Course Completion”    ***  (added June 22, 2010)

After logging into your Skillsoft / UA account, under Shortcuts, go to “My Report.”    Find the specific Course for which you want to pull a Certificate.   Under the “Controls” column, click on the “view certificate” icon (Hint:   if you move your mouse over the icons, it will display “view certificate.”)   Once the Certificate opens, you may print by selecting “File” and “Print” on the top toolbar.   Click here for screenshots and instructions.  

***    Don't Lose Your Course Scores --   Exit Properly    ***

After completing an online course, make sure to click the “Exit” button at the end.    If you are in a Simulation, click "Continue" where the option is provided.   Note: DO NOT use the X “close window” button in the top right corner of the browser window or other   Windows control functions to exit the course. Scores and bookmarks may be lost if you do not use the Player's Exit button.


*** Skillsoft courses with “REPLACED” in the title are no longer available as of July 1, 2009. Click for more information

Course Catalog:

Some resources identified in the catalog may not be available depending on UA's contract with Skillsoft.  


Browse Entire Catalog (PDF)

*Caution* The catalog you are opening is 110 pages. If printing, please set your print range to only those pages you need.



Please provide your feedback on an evaluation form regardless of whether or not you complete a course. We appreciate your feedback to better serve your e-learning needs.

Skillsoft E-Learning Competency Maps

Click here for the draft competency maps by UA Job Family.


PILOT PROGRAM (June 30 - November 30, 2007)

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