UA Statewide Office of Human Resources

Payroll Procedures

Banner Data Entry Instructions

Initial Extracts by ID
PHAHOUR Data Entry

Check & Direct Deposit Distribution

Check Pull Log
Check Pull Procedures
Check Reissue & Stop Payment Same Calendar Year
Check Reissue by Hand Pay - JV template
Check Reissue through Banner HR- JV template
Deceased Employee (see Terminations section)
Paycheck Key
Paystub Key (UAOnline)
Returned Checks
Stop Pay Fee - Adjustment Expense - JV Template
Voids (Payroll Checks)


(How to) Calculate Pay Check Taxes
Deduction Refunds
Deductions by ECLS
Dummy Job Form & Checklist for Payroll Adjustment
(payroll form to request temp job/dedn setup for payroll adjs)
Federal Withholding:
- W-4 Entry - Form Validation & Exceptions
FICA Withholding:
- Medicare Withholding Exemption
- FICA Refund Employee Consent Letter (Word template)
- Withholding for Rehired Annuitants (SSA site)
FIP Taxable Benefits
Overrides (Deduction)
Overrides (Deduction) - spreadsheet
PERS/TRS Retro Adjustments (Excel template) FY20 | FY19FY18 | FY17
Tax Calculations for Deductions and Benefits
Zero Checks Deduction Order


Restricted Funds


Annual Leave Cash-In Guidelines
- Non-Union Employee Guidelines
- Local 6070 Employee Guidelines

Faculty Time Off:
- FN Faculty (Non-Rep) FTO Guidelines
- UNAC FTO Guidelines (Labor Relations site)

Jury Duty for Faculty Summer Assignments
Jury Duty/Court Witness Check Procedure
Leave Accrual Eligibility
Leave Share Procedure
Leave Share Tracking-Sample Template 1
Leave Share Tracking-Sample Template 2
UAFT Union Sick Leave Bank Usage Procedures

Non-Routine Events

(Employee) Work Activity Outside of Alaska
Poker Flat Special Launch Pay
Salary Advances

Record Retention

Document Inventory for HR Record Retention
Document Types & Keywords (OnBase)
Retention & Archiving HR Documents (OnBase)
Scanner Setup (OnBase)
Scanning & Indexing HR Documents (OnBase)
Security Classes (OnBase)

Review and Corrections

Error Report Descriptions (Personnel / Payroll / Budget)
Tax Error Reports

Taxable Benefits

FIP Taxable Benefits
Gifts and Awards Procedure
Gross Up Net Calculation Method
Gross Up Template
Personal Use of UA Vehicle (CY 2020)
Relocation Allowance Procedures
Spousal Travel Procedure
Taxable Benefit Memo - to HR offices
Taxable Tuition Memo (CY2016) - to Business Offices
Taxable Tuition Excel Template (CY2016)
Tuition Waiver During Lay-off Status


Deceased Employee: Final Pay Procedures (Payroll Techs)
Estate Check: Recording and Disbursal Instructions
Termination Workflow Resources
Termination Workflow - Payroll Entry Procedures

Time Reporting

Converting Minutes Worked to Decimals
Holiday Pay Guidelines
Overtime Pay Guidelines (for Non-Exempt Employees)
Overtime Processing for Hourly Adjuncts
Shift (Differential) Pay Guidelines
Timesheet Archiving Procedure
Timesheet Key: Exempt
Timesheet Key: Non-Exempt
Printing Timesheets in Banner 9
Web Time Sheet Entry

W-2 & W-4 Forms

Request Duplicate W-2 Template
Returned W-2 Forms
W-2 Pulls
W-2 Reprints
W-4 Entry - Form Validation & Exceptions


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