Salary Schedules

A salary schedule is a table of potential earnings where the first step is the minimum salary and the last step is the maximum salary possible at that level. The university has established salary schedules for non-represented positions. Each job family is assigned to a schedule to guide equitable compensation beginning with the initial appointment and future salary movement.  


Compensation Criteria

Appointment and salary will be based on

  • the duties and responsibilities of the position,
  • the employee’s education and experience,
  • internal alignment, and
  • prevailing market conditions as indicated by annual surveys of salaries appropriate to the position

Calculating Rates for Part-Time Employees

To determine a part-time employee’s salary, locate the hourly rate in the appropriate step and grade. Then, calculate the bi-weekly and annual rates of pay based on the hours worked.

Executive Employees

Executive, senior administrator, and academic officer compensation is administered by the President of the University of Alaska system.

Salary Schedules