Tips For Advocates

Speak About What You Know

While it’s good to be aware of the University of Alaska Board of Regents' budget request and what level the governor supports, it’s preferable to talk to legislators about what you know best.

Download our tips for advocates PDF.

Perhaps you’re a student and you’ve had a professor who really made a difference in your educational path—share that story. Perhaps you’re an alumnus who is involved in a successful venture—talk about that. Maybe you’re a business owner who regularly hires UA graduates—that's a
great story to share. If you live in a particular House or Senate member's legislative district—speak to them as a voter and constituent; tell them specific ways you’d like to see them support the University of Alaska.

Thank Your Legislator

Serving in public office is a tough and sometimes thankless job. No matter where on the political spectrum you find yourself, thank the legislators with whom you meet—they are sacrificing time away from their families, businesses and jobs to serve Alaskans. If there is a bill, law or initiative you know the legislator has supported (and you agree with them), thank
them for their support.


Review UA Advocacy Materials

Review materials to ensure you have a good understanding of some key issues. Advocacy sheets, background reference materials and key dates are posted and updated on the advocacy page.