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Changing Your Google-Side Password

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Log-in with your UAusername and Password

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What is my Google-Side password used for?

This is a separate password from the one you use to log in through It is only required if you use programs to access Google services that do not use a web browser (like Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Google Talk, etc.), or when configuring services on your mobile device (like BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod touch, Palm, etc.)


Since your UApassword provides you access to many existing UA services (including Google Apps @ UA via web browser) we think it is important to make sure your UApassword is only known to services hosted at UA. Therefore, instead of automatically synchronizing your UApassword with Google, we put you in charge of creating a separate password that is stored at Google and only used for non-browser email clients.

What about when I log in through Doesn't Google see my UA password then?

No. When you log-in through using a web browser, you do use your UApassword, but it is not transferred to Google. Instead, it is used here at UA to confirm that you are you, and Google then trusts our confirmation and lets you into your Google Apps @ UA account using a web browser without ever seeing your UApassword.

There are 3 steps to change your Google-side password for Google Apps @ UA:

  1. Log-in using your UAusername and Password (Below)
    • This is the same you use to log-in to Google Apps@UA Webmail, UAF Blackboard, EDIR, Roxen, etc.
  2. Enter a new Google-Side Password
  3. Change the password in all of all of your email clients to the new one you just created
    • Please Note: It takes approximately 10 minutes for Google to assimilate your new Google-Side password. Therefore you may either:
      • Wait 10 minutes before updating your email client(s)
      • Or update now, and understand it won't be able to connect for up to 10 minutes

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