Google Apps @ UA

Google Apps@UA Account Request

For individuals who do not already have a GoogleApps@UA account

Making the switch to GoogleApps@UA

All University of Alaska affiliated students, staff and faculty are qualified to have a Google Apps@UA account. (Some campuses provision a different primary email account independent of Google Apps@UA.) 

This will take about one minute of your time (most of it reading this page...)

There are 3 steps required of you to complete this process. The 4th is waiting 5 minutes for your account to be created.

To proceed:

  1. You must know your UAusername and Password:
    • In order to demonstrate your active status with the university, when you click the Let's Get Started link, below, you will be taken to UA's centralized authentication service and asked to log-in. If you don't know or aren't sure about your UAusername or password, there is a link to the Easy Login Maintenance Option (ELMO) on that page so you can look up your information.
  2. Enter your UAusername and Password in the log-in page and you will automatically proceed to step 3
  3. Answer 2 multiple choice questions and confirm you wish to proceed.
  4. Wait a couple of minutes for your account to be created, and then go claim it.

It is important to remember that Google Apps@UA is administrated by the university, therefore all agreements you previously signed regarding use of university provided resources still apply.

When can I use my new GoogleApps@UA Account?

Your account will be created right away. You can claim it about 5 minutes later at

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