Google Apps @ UA

Desktop Client Instructions


Password errors for applications

Use ELMO option 1 to verify the password being used is correct. NO change of password is required if you are able to sign into ELMO successfully.

If you receive any messages stating "Web Login Required", or "Account Locked" when signing into your email through an email program (such as Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.), or when using applications such as Google Talk, visit the Account Unlock Page to verify your account. On that page, the username format is your full email address (UAUsername including the "" suffix), and your ELMO password. Verify the text in the image, and click the Unlock button to unlock your account.

"Password incorrect" Error

There are several reasons why you might see see a “Password incorrect” error when signing in to Google Apps using third-party apps like iPhone’s Mail app. In some cases even if you type your password correctly. To protect your account, Google might make it harder to sign in to your account. Visit from a different device you have previously used to access your Google account and follow the instructions. Try signing in again from the blocked app.

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