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Address Book Migration

Instructions to move your Thunderbird contacts to Google

Follow the instructions below to export your Thunderbird address book to a comma separated file, and to edit that file to properly import it into Google Contacts.

If at any time you run into any trouble, or getting stuck, call the OIT Support Center for assistance.

  1. From Thunderbird, click on 'Address Book'
    Thunderbird Address Book

  2. If you have more than one listing under 'Personal Address Books', click to highlight the one you would like to export (export process may need to be repeated for multiple address books).
    Select your Address Book

  3. Under 'Tools', click 'Export'
    Tools, Export

  4. When the 'Export Address Book' window appears, under the 'Save as type:' section, set that to 'Comma Seperated', and save the file in a convenient place, such as your desktop.
    Save as type: comma separated

  5. Open the CSV file with Excel, and delete the A, B, D, and F through the end, so just the C and E columns remain. The C and E columns will become A and B, respectively.
    Open CSV file in Excel

  6. If edited correctly, your A and B columns will look like this.
    Correctly Edited Table

  7. Edit the B column heading to name it "E-mail 1 - Value"
    Rename B Column

  8. Save the document, and Excel will return the warning in the image. Click Yes to continue.
    Click Yes

  9. Sign in to and click on 'Contacts', then click 'Import'.
    Click Import

  10. Click the 'Browse...' button and locate the CSV file you worked on in Steps 4-8. Click the 'Open' button to use that file. If you would like, you can check the box to add the contacts you are importing to a group. You can select a group that you have already created, or you can select 'New group...' to add them to a group you will create in the next step. When you are ready, click Import.
    Browser to saved CSV file

  11. If you opted to add these contacts to a new group, you can specify the new group name in this dialog. Click 'OK' when you are satisfied with your group name.
    Name group and click Ok

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