Future Students
Get better grades! Live on campus.

Research says: Living on campus contributes to the academic success of students.*

Why? Three great reasons:

  1. Your classes are closer. (No traffic!)
  2. Study buddies are a dorm room or floor away.
  3. Total involvement in college life.

Campus housing offers you an exciting and unique opportunity to become a part of a diverse, intellectual community. You gain access to services and facilities such as classrooms, labs, and libraries - making it easier to take advantage of all UA has to offer. 

Broaden your horizons by meeting people from around the world and from all walks of life. Expand your experiences by participating in workshops, seminars, study groups, and other programs offered by University Residence Life programs.

* Cognitive Impacts of Living on Campus versus Commuting to College, ERIC - Educational Resources Information Center

Howard Cutler Apartment Complex - UAF Campus

Check out the housing options available on our campuses!

College is not supposed to be all work. Residence Life offices at our campuses sponsor fun social activities for students. Campus living allows you to fully participate in the college experience! And it's affordable!

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