Future Students

Talk to an Advisor

You’ve made the decision to go to college. Now what? Talk to someone who can help you navigate the application and enrollment process and enlist friends and family to support and encourage you on this journey!

Each of our universities have qualified staff to answer your questions about going to college, assist you in the decision making process, with the FAFSA form, and in navigating your educational pathway. They can also connect you to campus resources and support systems.

Enlist your support system

Deciding to go to college, selecting a major, finding the right school and figuring out how to pay are all necessary steps to becoming a college student. It is a life-changing experience from the very beginning and it will be easier if you have people who support you. To be successful, you need to identify your support system, both on and off campus. Family, friends and co-workers can provide encouragement and understanding. There are also support systems on campus—classmates, instructors and adult learner offices.

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