Your Colleagues Believe...

"I believe... in making education available to everyone & supporting a scholarship is a big step towards that goal. It's a small way to give a positive impact to someone else's life."
- Leah Glasscock-Sanders, Admin. Asst., UA Foundation

"I believe... that every little bit matters, collectively we can make a difference for at least one person. I really believe in the saying "pay it forward". And that's exactly what I plan on doing by giving to UAF CTC, where i received my Associate's degree."
- Amanda Straight, Fund & Gift Service Manager, Advancement Services, UA Foundation

"I believe... that all children should have the opportunity to further their education and this is one way I can help make that happen."
- Roxie Speegle, Technical Specialist II OIT-ITS

"I believe... Education is the passport to living a healthy, productive life and every donation helps support that no matter how small."
- Anonymous

"I believe... you can not go wrong investing in education. I was helped along in my education from many sources within UAF. Small as they seemed, they meant a lot to me and helped me achieve my goal. I believe that the University should support an "Eternal search for knowledge" and a "Lifelong love of learning".
- Anonymous

"I education can open minds, open doors and open opportunities. I want my gift to be used where it's needed the most to bring opportunity to someone who needs it."
-Erika Van Flein, Director of Benefits, SWHR

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