2013/2014 Statewide Staff Fundraising Campaign

Linda Hall, Accounting

"We, as a family, believe highly in education. We also believe that no one should be denied that education because they cannot afford it. So I give to a scholarship fund."

GIVE NOW to the 2014 Statewide Staff Campaign!

Philanthropy is powerful and its effect is infinite. It changes lives..

All through the year, you give of yourself to the University of Alaska – you give your time and your talents, and each spring we ask you to make a gift of treasure. Staff participation in private giving to UA is critical to our success – a gift of any amount is important and appreciated.

The Statewide Staff Campaign is a tradition where participation is our most important goal.

Staff giving demonstrates a very special commitment to the University of Alaska. Your gift helps students graduate on time, with the skills needed to fill high-demand professions in Alaska and to provide research support.

Few people know the benefits and value of a University of Alaska education as well as you do.

Collectively, you and your peers demonstrate your belief in that value and in our students, helping to shape and enhance the UA experience while making it even more accessible. Every dollar you donate is more than a gift; it is a statement that you believe in UA.

To add a little fun to this year’s campaign, we are holding a competition among all Statewide departments for the highest percentage of participation. The winning department(s) will receive a pizza party.

GIVE NOW!What your colleagues believe

Share with us what YOU believe in and how your gift can make a difference

Supporting the next generation of graduates

Brittni Wisner, UAS scholarship recipient

"This scholarship will help me achieve my dream of becoming a teacher by allowing me to pursue higher education at University of Alaska Southeast. This scholarship was needed and relieves much for me, so thank you! Your gift makes it possible for me to try to make a positive difference in kids' lives. Your gift won't just touch my life, but (hopefully) many others. Thank you again for your donation; it places many things within reach for me!"

Brittni Wisner, UAS, recipient of the Don & Jan O’Dowd/SAA Scholarship, Tuxedo Junction Scholarship, and UAS General Scholarship

Lindsay Loewn

“By awarding me the Dave McCloud Aviation Memorial Scholarship, you have lightened the financial burden that causes so many veterans to withdraw from their pursuit of a higher education. The award of this scholarship will ensure that I will be able to finish my degree as scheduled, and can readily bring the knowledge and skills gained from my education and experience to the changing world of aviation.”

Lindsey Loewn, Dave McCloud Aviation Memorial Scholarship recipient 

FAQ about the Statewide Staff Campaign

Share with us what YOU believe in and how your gift can make a difference

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