Scholarship List

The University of Alaska provides over $2 million in scholarships annually. Please take a moment to review the many scholarship opportunities available below. If you have any questions please contact your financial aid office.


Scholarships available regardless of what UA campus you attend

A.D. Al and Maxine Robertson Memorial Scholarship
Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation Scholarship
Alaska McDonald's Student Scholarship
Alaska Native Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship
Alaska Press Club Scholarship
Alaska Support Industry Alliance Scholarship
Alaska Visitors Association/Gomar Scholarship
Alaska Yukon Pioneers Memorial Scholarship
Alvin G. Ott Fish and Wildlife Scholarship
Amos Joe Alter American Society of Civil Engineers Alaska Section Scholarship
Andrew Nerland Scholarship
Austin E. Lathrop Scholarship
Bill and Nell Biggs Scholarship
Bolick Foreign Student Scholarship
Bunnell Scholarship
Carolyne and Chick Wallace Scholarship
Charles E. Behlke Engineering Scholarship
Charles F. Gould Endowment
Chenega Corporation Scholarship
Clair Shirey Scholarship
Dave McCloud Aviation Memorial Endowment
Dental Education Endowment
Don and Jan O'Dowd/SAA Statewide Scholarship
Donald Wills Jacobs Scholarship
Dr. Orrin Rongstad Wildlife Scholarship
Dr. Terry Moore Memorial Scholarship
Ed Earnhart Political Science Scholarship
Excellence in Geographic Information Systems Scholarship
Franklin M. Leach Scholarship
George Happ BioMedical Sciences Scholarship
Guy Woodings Scholarship
Iver and Cora Knapstad Scholarship
Joan C. Yoder Memorial Nursing Scholarship
John Henderson Endowment
Johnny & Sarah Frank Scholarship
Lawrence Bayer Business Administration Scholarship
Loyal D. Burkett Memorial Scholarship
Lydia Fohn-Hansen and Lola Hill Scholarship
Lyle Carlson Wildlife Management Scholarship
Mable H. Crawford Memorial Scholarship
Maureen E. Nolan-Cahill Memorial Scholarship
Mike Ardaw Scholarship
NACE International Alaska Section / BP Scholarship
Pat and Cliff Rogers Nursing Scholarship
Patricia Hughes Eastaugh Teaching Scholarship
Patty Hamilton Early Childhood Development Scholarship
Pt. Lay Memorial Scholarship
Ralph Yetka Memorial Scholarship
Regents' Scholarship
Richard C. and Minnie Crook Scholarship
Richard Mellon Scholarship
Robert W. Korn Scholarship
Russian Student Scholarship
Scholarships General - SW
Sidney Henderson Scholarship
Sourdough Reunion Memorial Endowment
State Farm - Dan Christensen Educational Scholarship
Umialik Scholarship
Walter J. Kubon Engineering Scholarship
Ward Sims Memorial Scholarship
William S. Wilson Memorial Scholarship
Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Association



Accounting Club Scholarship
ACCSA Scholarship
Acuren NDT Scholarship
Al Bramstedt Jr. Journalism Endowed Scholarship
Alan B Christopherson Engineering Scholarship
Alaska Air Show Association Aviation Scholarship
Alaska Airlines Scholar Athletes Scholarship
Alaska Kidney Foundation Scholarship
Alaska Society of Professional Surveyors Endowed Scholarship
Alaska Women in Mining Anchorage Scholarship
Alaska WWAMI Student Success
Alexis Buskirk Memorial Book Scholarship
Alice Easley Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Alma J. Murphy Scholarship
Alpine Skiing Scholarship
Alta Air Logistics Scholarship
Alvin S. and Gloria M. Okeson Endowed Scholarship
AMC Engineers Scholarship
American Marketing Association Scholarship
Anchorage Pioneers Home Nursing Scholarship
Anchorage Republican Women Scholarship
ANSEP Alumni
April Relyea Scholarship
Ardell French Memorial Scholarship
Arlene Kuhner Memorial Scholarship
ASPA Scholarship
ATS Alaska Scholarship
Benjamin B. and Virginia M. Talley Scholarship
Bonnie Martin McGee Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Bradford Tuck Senior in Economics Scholarship
Brown Schoenheit Memorial Scholarship
C. John and Lynn Ann Eng Construction Management Endowed Scholarship
Call Center OEC Scholarship
CBPP Communities in Schools Program (CISP) Scholarship
CBPP Marketing Scholarship
Chandler Braley Memorial Dance Scholarship
Chris L. Kleinke Scholarship
College of Business and Public Policy Scholarship
College of Education Scholarship
Community and Technical College Scholarship
Construction Financial Management Association Ron Jones Endowed Scholarship
Darla Dolly Barton Nursing Scholarship
David B. and Mary E. Carlson Scholarship
David D. Adams Memorial Engineering Scholarship
David Forbes Memorial Scholarship
Dean Radcliff Endowed Scholarship
Diane Olsen Memorial Scholarship
Dick Smith Memorial Hockey Scholarship
Dixie Light Endowed Scholarship for Baccalaureate Completion in Nursing
Don R. Withey Memorial Scholarship
Donald Lagerlef Scholarship
Donna Gail Shaw Education Excellence Scholarship
Dove M. Kull Memorial Social Work Scholarship
Dr. Betty J. Boyd-Beu and Edwin G. Beu Jr. Scholarship
Dr. Jon Baker Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Ping-Tung Chang Scholarship
Eduardo Gustavo Prieto Scholarship
Edward M. Peace Endowed Scholarship
Edward Rollin Clinton Memorial Scholarship
Elaine Atwood Scholarship
Eleanor Andrews AHAINA Assistance
Ella Craig/NASW Alaska Chapter Scholarship
Emi Chance Scholarship for Aspiring Artists
English Book Award
Eveline Schuster Memorial Award
Everette K. Wagner Endowed Scholarship
Evergreen Business Capital Scholarship
Excellence in Geomatics and Geospatial Studies Endowed Scholarship
Excellence in Mathematical Sciences Scholarship
Excellence in Music Scholarship
Excellence in Speech and Debate Scholarship
Eyak RRANN Scholarship and Program Support
F. Robert Bell and Associates Engineering Endowed Scholarship
Feminist Scholarship and Award
First Fruits Scholarship for Working Students
First Generation Endowed Student Scholarship
Fred Cromer Memorial Scholarship
Friends of The Performing Arts Scholarship
Ft. Richardson Civilian Club Scholarship
Gary Kobayashi Engineering Scholarship
GCI Scholarship
Glenn Massay Endowed Scholarship
Governor William A. Egan Award
Greg Wolf Global Logistics Scholarship
H.R.A. Apprenticeship and Training Seminar
Hawk Consultants ANSEP and PM Scholarship
Hawk Consultants PM Scholarship
Hecla Greens Creek Scholarship
Heikki Kanerva Memorial Scholarship
Henry W. Holliday Scholarship
Hewitt V. Lounsbury Endowed Scholarship
Horton Saltz Aviation Scholarship
Icicle Seafoods Endowed Scholarship
Jan and Glenn Fredericks Scholarship
Jan van den Top/The Superior Group Inc. Endowed Scholarship
Joe and Carolyn Floyd Kodiak Scholarship
John (Wendy) Williamson Memorial Scholarship
John and Mae Hakala Scholarship (Anchorage)
John C. Brockel Memorial Endowed Scholarship
John Russell Gay Memorial Aviation Scholarship
John Russell Gay Memorial Science Scholarship
Justice Center Alumni Gifts
Kaare Birkeland Norwegian USA Exchange Scholarship
Kara Simon Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Kathy Lynn Lynch Nursing Scholarship
Kathy Lynn Lynch Veterinary Sciences Scholarship
Ken and Susie Morris Award
Ken Gray Scholarship
Kenai Peninsula College Scholarship
Kibrik and Bergelson Student Scholarship
Kibrik and Bergelson Study or Research in Russia Scholarship
Kimura Scholarship
Kodiak College Council Scholarship
KPC College Council Scholarship
KPC Dr. Shelley A. Theno Psychology Endowed Scholarship
KPC Faculty Scholarship
KPC Icicle Seafoods Endowed Scholarship
KPC Icicle Seafoods Seward Student Scholarship
KPC Kachemak Bay Campus Endowment
KPC Kachemak Bay Campus Scholarship
KPC Staff Scholarship
KPC/Brockel Family Scholarship
KPMG Accounting Scholarship
Kris Knudson Memorial Scholarship
Lenore and George Hedla Accounting Scholarship
Leonard Hamilton Scholarship
LifeMed Alaska Scholarships
Linda P. Lazzell Leadership Award
M. P. Oswald Surveying and Mapping Science Endowment
Mark A. Beltz Scholarship
Mary Pat Haberle Memorial Scholarship
Melissa J. Wolf Scholarship
Michael Baring-Gould Scholarship
Michael D. Ford Memorial Scholarship
Mickey Belden Vocal Performance Scholarship
Molly Ann Mishler Memorial Scholarship
Muriel Hannah Scholarship
National Association of Purchasing Management Alaska Scholarship
NDTA Arne Michaelsen Scholarship
Norbert Muller Scholarship
Nursing Students in Need
Pat Brakke Political Science Scholarship
Patricia James Memorial Scholarship
Pattilyn Drewery Memorial Scholarship for Community Access
Patty McManamin Education Scholarship
Paul G. Landis Art Scholarship
Pia Denkewalter Memorial Scholarship
Pignalberi Public Policy Scholarship
Practicum in Public Health Scholarship
PWSCC Student Scholarship
Quianna Clay Debate Scholarship
R and R Completion Scholarship
Ralph and Marie George Scholarship
RCL Construction Management Endowed Scholarship
Refugee and Need-Based Immigrant Support
Representative Ramona Barnes Scholarship
Riemann Memorial Scholarship
Rodney P. Kinney Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Roger Hickel Scholarship
Roy Pedersen Memorial Scholarship
RRANN Program Scholarship
Sandra Pogany Memorial Scholarship
Saradell Ard Art Scholarship
School of Engineering Scholarship
School of Nursing Scholarship
Seamus Mawe Scholarship
Seawolf Opportunities Scholarship
Second Bridge Scholarhsip
Sheri Stears Education Scholarship
Siemens Building Technologies BSE Scholarship
Sitka 43 Memorial Scholarship
Snodgrass Scholarship
South Anchorage Rotary Endowed Scholarship
Special Education Program Support
Steve Jackstadt Scholarship for New Economic Students
Sturgulewski Family Endowment
Susan Thompson Memorial Scholarship
Sylvia Berg Drowley Nursing Endowment
Syril's Rising Star Scholarship
Thomas J. Martin Memorial Scholarship
Thomas W. and Helen M. Cahill Scholarship
Tim Gail Memorial Scholarship
Toni Croft Developmental Education Award
Tony Prockish Memorial
UAA Alumni Scholarship
UAA Bookstore Scholarship
UAA Brian Wick and Hilary Davies Mathematics Scholarship
UAA Commit to Success Scholarship
UAA Culinary Arts Hospitality Scholarship
UAA General Scholarships
UAA KeyBank Scholarship
UAA Memorial Scholarship
UAA NASW Scholarship
Vara Allen-Jones Scholarship for Academic Excellence
Vince Demarest Endowed Scholarship in Accounting
Vincent W. and Mary Root Outstanding Paralegal Endowment
Welding Technology Department Scholarship
Wells Fargo Career Scholarship
William C. and Frances P. Ray Scholarship
Zane Olson Scholarship
Zella Boseman Memorial Scholarship



A. Ruth Evern Scholarship
Aaron Howard Townsend Civil Engineering Memorial Scholarship
ACS - Hach Scientific Foundation Scholarships
Agnes S. Sunnell Memorial Scholarship
Al Tyler Memorial Scholarship
Alaska Miners Association Scholarship
Alaska Native Science Engineering Program - UAF
Alaska Trappers Association's Dean Wilson Scholarship
Alaska Women In Mining Memorial Scholarship
Alaskans Internship
Albert & Ida Visca Scholarship
Albert A. Zucchini Scholarship
Albert H. Dickey Memorial Scholarship
Albert O. ("Ole") Wahto Memorial Scholarship
ALCAN Hockey Nanook Scholarship
Alexandra Krauss Memorial Scholarship
Alexis M. Buskirk Memorial Fund
Alice Wilson Scholarship
Allie Murphy/Black Awareness Student Union Scholarship
Alyeska Pipeline Native MBA Fellowship
Alyeska UAF Community and Technical College Scholarship
Alzheimer's Resource of Alaska Research Fund
American Business Women's Association - Fifty Below Chapter Scholarship
American Legion Post#11-Heather Dowdy Memorial Scholarship
Anchorage Daily News Journalism Award
Anne Luke Memorial Scholarship
APICDA Rural Development Scholarship
Arctic Chapter Of National Defense Transportation Scholarship
Arthur and Frances Buswell Scholarship
Associated General Contractors (AGC) UAF CTC Construction Management Scholarship
Associated General Contractors Scholarship
Associated Students of Business Scholarship
Astrid and Gordon McBeath Scholarship
Athletics Educational Support Services
Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Student Publication Award
Atmospheric Sciences Student Travel Award
Audrey Stanfield Loftus Memorial Scholarship
Augie Hiebert Scholarship
Austin A. Cooley Research in Engineering Award
Authentic Alaska
Banarsi Lal Social Work Scholarship
Battalion Chief Phil Rounds Scholarship
Beaver Sports Whisenhant Ski Scholarship
Bebe Helen Kneece Woodward Scholarship
Bering Sea Lions Club Scholarship
Bernard L. and June L. Sherwood Scholarship
Betty A. Anderson Memorial for Avian Studies
Betty K. Sargent Memorial Endowment
Betty Ross Mattson Scholarship
Bianca M. Zuckerman Academic Excellence/Programmatic Research MRI
Bianca M. Zuckerman Academic Excellence/Programmatic Research Psychology
Bianca M. Zuckerman Academic Excellence/Programmatic Research Spanish Support
Bill and Frances Ray Scholarship
Bill and Helga Watterson Scholarship
Bill Walley Memorial Scholarship
Blake Nunemann Memorial Scholarship
Blue and Gold Scholarship Award
Bob Johnson Aviation Memorial Scholarship
Bon V. and Bernice Davis Scholarship
Bonita J. Neiland Scholarship
Bradford and Barbara Washburn Research
Breast Cancer Detection Center of Alaska (BCDC) Radiologic Technology Scholarship
Brian E. Mowrey Memorial Scholarship
Brian Jones Memorial Scholarship
Brian R. Zelenka Memorial Scholarship
Brina Kessel Excellence in Science Award
Bristol Bay University Center
C. L. Anderson Memorial Endowment
C. Russell Huber Civil Engineering Scholarship.
C. Russell Huber ROTC Memorial Award
C. T. Elvey Memorial Endowment
Carl Tillitt Memorial Scholarship
Carol Feist Memorial Award for Undergraduate Biology
Caroline Musgrove Coons Writing Scholarship - UAF
Carolyn Sampson - UAF Staff Council Memorial Award
Carolyn W. Collins Scholarship in Alaska Native Languages
Catt Caroline Shanahan Hill Scholarship
Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Native Education (CACNE) Native Leadership Scholarship
Chancellor's College Completion Scholarship
Chapin Award for Alaska Sustainability
Charles and Hortense Lewis Endowment
Charles Bunnell Mining Scholarship
Charles W. and Hortense W. Lewis Endowment
Charles W. Davis Summer Fine Arts Camp Memorial Scholarship
Chef Frank Davis Jr. Memorial UAF CTC Culinary Arts Scholarship
Christina's Hope Memorial Scholarship
Christine Pennington Memorial Scholarship
Clarence Berry Fellowship in Mining and Resources
Clarence J. Rhode Scholarship
Claus-M. Naske History Scholarship
Cliff Brennen Journalism Scholarship
Colin Gilmore Memorial Scholarship
College of Fellows Scholarship
College Rotary Scholarship
Connie B. Kalita Memorial Scholarship
ConocoPhillips Field Study for Geology and Geological Engineering
Cook & Haugeberg CPAs Tom Bartlett Accounting Scholarship
Cooley Talent Grant
Crowley Scholarship
Cynthia J. Northrup Physical Education Scholarship
Dale A. Durrwachter Elementary Education Teachers Scholarship
Daniel L. Cucurull Memorial Scholarship
David and Rachel Hopkins Fellowship
David Burnett Dunn Memorial Endowment
David Luchini Memorial Scholarship
Debendra and Katherine Das Mechanical Engineering Scholarship
Department of Business Administration Support
Derickson - Maskey Trust Scholarship
Don Bennett Memorial Scholarship
Don Berry and Fritz Ebert Scholarship
Don Hodges Memorial Scholarship
Donald R. Theophilus Endowment For Scholars
Donn A. Huber Memorial Scholarship
Doris Southall Nursing Scholarship
Dorothy Pattinson Accounting Scholarship
Dorothy Sugg Rotary Scholarship
Dr. Art Buswell Public Service Leadership Award
Dr. Cary Keller Scholarship
Dr. Donald Hood Memorial Scholarship for Marine Science
Dr. Gary Laursen Mycology Fellowship
Dr. Gerald S. Berman Founders Scholarship
Dr. H. Richard Carlson Scholarship
Dr. Joan B. Clutts Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Kenneth L. Zonge Scholarship
Druska Carr Schaible Memorial Scholarshipin Biological Sciences
E. Thomas & Raye Ann Robinson Scholarship
E.L. Bartlett Literary Criticism Prize
Earl Beistline Scholarship
Earl Maxwell Memorial Scholarship
Edward A. Merdes Memorial Scholarship
Edward K. and Alene R. Christiansen Music Scholarship
Emery Chapple Memorial Scholarship
Emma W. McKinnon Scholarship
English Emeriti Award
Entrepreneurial Spirit Award
Erich Follmann Memorial Student Research Support
Ernest N. Patty Scholarship
Ernest N. Patty Senior Award
Esther Louise Largen Nursing Scholarship
Eugene Evancoe Scholarship
Fairbanks Art Guild Scholarship
Fairbanks Association of Legal Assistants Scholarship
Fairbanks Chapter UAF Alumni Association Jim Doogan Memorial Scholarship
Fairbanks Host Lions Scholarship
Fairbanks Masonic Lodge # 12 scholarship
Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival Caroline A. Kaptur Memorial Scholarship
Fairbanks Weavers and Spinners Guild Scholarship
Fejes Music Scholarship
Flint Hills Resources Scholarship
Floris Licht Rhode Scholarship
Food Factory Fine Arts Scholarship
Forbes L. Baker Journalism Scholarship
Foreign Language Department - UAF
Frances and Alfred Baker Memorial Scholarship
Francis "Bud" Fay Memorial Scholarship
Franklin Brothers Endowed Scholarship
Fred A. and Inez M. Kubon Scholarship
Fred Beeler Memorial Scholarship
Friends of UWA Scholarship
Gale L. Anderson Endowed Scholarship for Music
General JG Steese & AW Shiels Prizes
Genezaret Barron Memorial Scholarship in Photojournalism
George and Mine' Mikami Scholarship
George M. McLaughlin Memorial
George Schaller Fellowship in the Resilience and Adaptation Graduate Program
George W. McDaniel Writing Fund
George W. McDaniel CEM Scholarship
George Walton Memorial Scholarship
George, Gamechuk, and Alkayak Scholarship
Gerald Swisher Scholarship
Gerson Family Memorial Scholarship
GHEMM Company Scholarship
Glenmede Trust Music Scholarship
Glenn Carrington Memorial Scholarship
Goering Family Fellowship
Golden North Rebekah Lodge (Est. 1913) Scholarship
Graduate Student Fellowship
Grant Pearson & Shirley Sullivan Scholarship
Graymont Mining Engineering Scholarship
Guy Gadowsky Scholarship
H. McCracken Alaska Writing Award
Harold R. Peyton Civil Engineering Scholarship
Harriet Hess Scholarship
Harvey Shields Fellowship in Archaeology
Hecla Greens Creek Company Recruiting Scholarship
Heinie and Peggy Carstens Scholarship
Helen B. Harrel Memorial Scholarship
Helen Van Campen Journalism Scholarship
Helen Walker Scholarship
Helmut Van Flein Memorial Scholarship
Henry B. Collins Fellowship in Circumpolar Anthropology
Honors Program
Horning Memorial Scholarship
Hot Licks Education Scholarship
Howard and Enid Cutler Scholarship
Howard Feder and David Shaw Graduate Student Support
Hugh & Mary Jane Fate Scholarship
Hulda Huttula Elieff Memorial Scholarship
Icicle Seafoods Bristol Bay Student Scholarship
Icicle Seafoods NOSB Scholarship
Impacts of Climate Change Research and Public Outreach Support
IMS Graduate Student Endowment
Inspiring Student Success in the Sciences
Interior Alaska Building Association Memorial Scholarship
J. Ellsworth McCarthy Memorial Scholarship
J\xb2 Brass Chamber Music Award
J\xb2 Engineering Scholarship
Jack Distad Memorial Scholarship
Jack R. Luick Memorial Travel Endowment
Jack Townshend Family Student Research Support
Jake Poole Family Student-Athlete Summer Scholarship
James R. Crook Memorial Fund
Jane Griese Memorial Scholarship
Jay Hammond Memorial Scholarship
Jay Hammond Scholarship
Jean B. Schmitt Scholarship
Jessie O'Bryan McIntosh Scholarships
Jim Stelmock Memorial Scholarship
Jim Whisenhant Ski Scholarship
Jimmy B. Bedford Memorial Scholarship
Joan and Dick Wadlow Scholarship
Joanne Wold Scholarship in Journalism
Joe and Carolyn Floyd Fairbanks Scholarship
Joe Nava Shooting Scholarship
John B. and Mae M. Hakala Scholarship
John Chalupnik Hockey Scholarship
John F. Marooney Memorial Scholarship
John Kevin Lamm Memorial Scholarship
John L. McAllen Scholarship in Mining Engineering
John M. Murphy Memorial Geology Scholarship
John R. Hulbert Memorial Scholarship
John W. Johnson Scholarship
Joseph R. Oden Memorial Scholarship
Joseph Sr. and Rose R. Tremarello Memorial Scholarship
Journalism Internship and Outreach Enrollment Support
Joyce Chin Museum Exhibition Scholarship
Judi Christensen - Tschida Memorial Rifle Scholarship
Karen and Lance Parrish Cross Country Skiing and Running Scholarship
Karen Christensen Baldwin Memorial Scholarship
Kathryn "K" E. and John Doyle Scholarship
Kathryn S. Patty Scholarship for Women
Kathy L. Gruenig Scholarship
Ken and Olga Carson Memorial Scholarship
Ken Swanson Memorial Scholarship
Ken Turner Memorial Fellowship
Kesler Woodward Scholarship
Kevin Engle Memorial Scholarship
KeyBank Scholarship
KeyBank Student Competition Fund
Kuskokwim Campus Persistence Scholarship
Kuskokwim Campus Support
Kyong Hollen Business Scholarship
Larry Shetler Memorial Rifle Scholarship
LarVern I. and George L. Keys Scholarship
Leona Lowrey Memorial Scholarship
Lesbian, Gavy, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Friends & Allies Student Scholarship
Lesley Salisbury Music Scholarship
Liu Huang Chou Scholarship
Liz Berry Memorial Scholarship
Lois E. Meier Scholarship
Lois Meier Accounting Scholarship
Lois Meier Guidance and Counseling Scholarship
Lola C. and Gray S. Tilly Scholarship
Loren "Bud" and Vicki Rotroff Scholarship
Louise and Harold Fournelle Nursing Scholarship
Lowell Thomas Jr. Scholarship
Lyndsay Thomas Memorial Scholarship
Marian and W.F. Thompson Memorial Scholarship
Marie Phibbs Culinary Arts Scholarship
Marie Smith Eyak Scholarship
Mark A. Tomlinson Spike Club Scholarship
Marshall and Lois Lind Scholarship
Marty Thies Memorial Scholarship
Mary Ghezzi Nursing Scholarship
Mathew Iya Memorial Scholarship
McHenry Family Scholarship and Program Support
Memorial Scholarship - UAF
Mike and Troy Thomas Auto Technology Scholarship
Mike Dillon Memorial Scholarship
Mike Hoyt Society of American Foresters Scholarship
Mil Zahn Memorial/Alaska Fish and Wildlife Safeguard Scholarship
Mildred Nerland/PEO Sisterhood Memorial Scholarship
Milner Marketing Scholarship
Mining and Geology Society Bunnell Memorial Endowment
Minnie E. Wells Award
Museum Ethnology Student Scholarship
Music Scholarship
Myles and Carol Berg Scholarship Endowment
NAMI of Fairbanks Ann Denardo Memorial Scholarship
NAMI of Fairbanks Graduate Scholarship
NAMI of Fairbanks' Joy Albin Scholarship
NAMI Rural Campus Scholarship
Nancy Loftus Wiegert Scholarship
Nanook Club Running
Nanook Volleyball Scholarship
NAPA Auto Care Centers Scholarship
National Association for Women In Construction - Northern Chapter Scholarship
National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Social Work Scholarship
New York Life Alumni Scholarship
New York Life ASRA Scholarship
New York Life RAHI Scholarship
Nicholas F. Hughes Memorial Endowment
Noel and Ada Wien Memorial Scholarship
North Pole Patriots Scholarship
Northern Alaska ASME Undergraduate Research Award
Northwest Campus Mike Saclamana Memorial Scholarship
Olaus Murie Caribou Travel Award
Oscar Dyson Memorial Scholarship
Osher Reentry Scholarship
Otto William Geist Endowment
Pat Andresen Scholarship
Patricia A. Davis Memorial Scholarship
Patricia Ann Oakes Memorial Scholarship
Paul and Flora Greimann Memorial Scholarship
Paul C. Hunter Engineering Scholarship
Pearl Berry Boyd Music Scholarship
Peter MacKeith Endowment
Peter Platten Memorial Scholarship
Petroleum Engineering Student Scholarships
Philosophy for a Lifetime
Physics Scholarship
Pollock Conservation Cooperative Research Center Endowment
Preston Fowler Endowment
Quinton Costello Memorial Scholarship
R. G. and Onnie V. Bouchum/La Shina R. Jones Scholarship
R. M. (Bus) and Katherine Boyd Business Administration Scholarship
Rachael Patterson Memorial Scholarship
Ralph Migliaccio Memorial Scholarship
Randy Howenstein Memorial Field Research Fund
Rev. Bob and Dr. Sharon Swope Scholarship
Rex Thomas Memorial Award
Richard E. Lee Scholarship
Richard G. Possenti Student Research Memorial
Richard Grey Smith Scholarship
Richard K. Woodward, M.D. Endowment Scholarship for Biological Sciences
Richard Smith Freshman Scholarship
Robert A. and Virginia B. Parrish Cross Country Skiing and Running Scholarship
Robert J. and Mary M. Mitchell Scholarship
Robert J. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship
Robert L. and Virginia R. Rausch Scholarship
Robert Speck Memorial Scholarship
Robert W. Brown Mathematical Sciences Award
Robinson Family Athletic Scholarship
Roland E. Skip Chevalier Memorial Scholarship
Ron Nerland Memorial Scholarship
Ronald F. Cosgrave Engineering Scholarship
Ronald J. Doner Memorial Scholarship
Rose T. Denmark Award
Roy Ruble and Paula Sawyer Memorial Scholarship
Royal Gold Scholarship
Rudy Krejci Memorial Scholarship
Rural Alaska Honors Institute (RAHI), Alaska Native Programs
Rural Social Work Scholarship
Ruth Croxton Memorial Scholarship
Ruth Lister Scholarship
Sargent Engineering Award
Schaible Geophysical Institute Fellowship
Schaible Health Care Services Scholarship
Schlumberger Engineering Scholarship
Scholarship for International Education
Scholarship General - UAF
SFOS Graduate Student Support
Shannon & Wilson Inc. Endowed Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Research Fund
Shanon Gallant Memorial Art Scholarship
Siemens Building Technologies Scholarship
Sitnasuak College of Engineering and Mines Scholarship
Society of American Foresters (SAF)/Richard W. and Margery Tindall Scholarship
Spencer A. Linderman Memorial Award
Sport Fish Conservation Award
Stacy Kaiser Memorial Fund
Standard Alaska Petroleum Company Accounting
Stanton D. Bennett Scholarship for Electrical Engineering
Stanton E. Maynes Memorial Scholarship
Stephen McCarthy Photojournalism Internship
Steve Miller Creative Writing Scholarship
String Players Scholarship
Stuart S. MacKowiak Scholarship
Student Ceramic Arts Guild(SCAG)/Krist Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Student Investment Fund - UAF
Sue McHenry AISES Scholarship
Susan Royer Memorial Scholarship
T5S Scholarship
Teck Alaska Scholarship
Teck Scholarship
Ted Dixon Memorial Scholarship
Ted McHenry Biology Field Research
Terry Dickey Museum Education Internship
The Dieter Family Marine Science Research Scholarship
The Eugene and Loretta Rafson Scholarship For Students With Disabilities
The Peter MacKeith Memorial Endowment for Geological Sciences
Theodore and Audrey Loftus Scholarship
Theresa Jimenez Memorial Scholarship
Thomas J. Head Mathematical Sciences Scholarship
Tom and Nancy Hallinan Music Scholarship
Tom Monk Memorial Scholarship
Tom Rohr Memorial Scholarship
Totem Ocean Trailer Express Scholarship
Troy Duncan Memorial Justice Scholarship
UA Museum Practicum Scholarship
UAF Alumni Association Scholarship
UAF Community and Technical College Culinary Arts Scholarship
UAF CTC Construction Management Scholarship
UAF CTC Student Fees Assistance
UAFAA Fairbanks Chapter Legacy Scholarship
Usibelli Coal Mine Diesel/Heavy Equipment Certificate Scholarship
Usibelli Honors Scholarship
Usibelli Mining Scholarship
Velma Hubbard Memorial Scholarship
Vernon and Beda Slwooko Memorial Scholarship
Vincent S. Haneman Jr. PE Prof Travel Scholarship
W. Scott Parrish Memorial Scholarship
Walt Begalka Memorial Scholarship
Walter J. Benesch Philosophy Scholarship
Warren G. Brown Memorial Scholarship
Wells Fargo Bank Scholarship - UAF
Will Bergeson Mechanical Engineering Memorial Scholarship
Willard "Buck" Whitaker Memorial Scholarship
William A. O'Neill and Violet R. Lundell O'Neill Scholarship
William C. Leary Memorial Emergency Services Scholarship
William I. Waugaman Memorial Scholarship
William J. and Betsy R. Robertson Scholarship
William O. Wood Memorial Scholarship
William P. Cole Phi Alpha Theta Scholarship
William Paul Sr. Scholarship
William R. and Dorothy Jane Wood Talent Grant
William R. and Ellen Barr Cashen Scholarship
William R. Hunt History Scholarship
William Randolph Hearst Scholarship
William Thomas Foran Memorial Scholarship
Women's Studies Center - UAF
Wood Nanook Varsity Talent Scholarship
Wood Nanook Varsity Talent Search Endowment
Younker Family Scholarship
Zarling Engineering Scholarship
Zarling Family Hockey Scholarship



Beck Writing Scholarship
Carroll Fader Maritime Scholarship
Clarence and Verle Kramer Memorial Endowment
Coeur Alaska - Kensington Gold Mine Environmental Science Award
College Bound/Student Leadership Institute
Connie Boochever Endowment for Theatre
Delta Kappa Gamma Carol Koski Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Walter Soboleff Memorial Scholarship
Edward Siemon Scholarship
Emma Marks Memorial for Alaska Native Languages
Frederick and Carol Eastaugh Scholarship
Gaile F. Haynes Memorial Scholarship
Gastineau Rotary Club Scholarship
Gastineau Rotary - Corey and Jason King Scholarhsip
Gastineau Rotary - Mac Behrends Scholarship
General Scholarship Support - UAS
George Masek Memorial Scholarship
Gerald W Butts Memorial Scholarship
Glacier Highway Electric Association Scholarship
Hecla Greens Creek Environmental Science Scholarship
Hecla Greens Creek Mine Training
Icicle Seafoods Career Ed/Dual Enrollment Scholarship - UAS
Icicle Seafoods Scholarship
Ione Esther Williams Memorial Art Scholarship
Jean Gross Memorial Scholarship
Jean Kline Memorial Scholarship
John Rutherford Noyes Memorial Scholarship
Juneau Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
Juneau Elks Lodge Scholarship
Juneau Empire Scholarship
Juneau Garden Club Scholarship
Juneau Rotary Scholarship Endowment
Juneau Student Retention Scholarship
Ketchikan Advisory Council Scholarship
Ketchikan Bridge Club 1975-2000 Scholarship
Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce
Kevin Sanders Memorial Scholarship
KeyBank Scholarship for Business and Economics
Marshall L. and Lois A. Lind Scholarship
Mike Miller Endowed Scholarship
Paul Wingren Memorial Vocational Scholarship
PEO Chapter G Scholarship
PEO Sisterhood Chapter D Scholarship
PEO Sisterhood Chapter D - Jean Harlow Career Development Scholarship
PEO Sisterhood Chapter D - Ethel Montgomery Scholarship
PEO Sisterhood Chapter D -Edna Williams Continuing Education Scholarship
PEO Sisterhood Chapter D -Performing and Visual Arts Scholarship
Philis Smith Memorial Scholarship
R E Robertson Memorial Endowment
Roger Boyden Scholarship
Roger Lang Memorial Scholarship
Ruth and Ernest Swanson Memorial Fisheries Endowment
Selina Peratrovich Memorial Endowment for Native Arts
Sitka Campus Advisory Council Scholarship
Sitka Campus General Scholarship Support
Sitka Campus Scholarship
Southeast Conference Scholarship
Southeast Conference/Coeur Alaska/Hecla Greens Creek Vocational Education Scholarship
Southeast Roundup Scholarship
Student Government Scholarships
Tuxedo Junction Endowment
UAS School of Education Scholarship
UAS Student Engagement Fund
UAS Success Award
University of Alaska Southeast Alumni Association Ketchikan Chapter Scholarship
University of Alaska Southeast Alumni Endowed Scholarship
Verna M. Carrigan Scholarship
Vo-Tech Programs Endowment
W. Lloyd Gallagher Memorial Endowment
Wards Cove Scholarship
Wells Fargo Bank Scholarship - UAS
William. P. Johnson Memorial Endowment


To apply for any of the above scholarships students must first apply for admission to the UA campus they plan to attend. Apply for scholarships at UA Online. Additional information may be needed for some scholarships. Please visit the links below:

UAA Office of Student Financial Assistance
UAF Financial Aid Office
UAS Financial Aid Office
UA Foundation

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