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Herrmann Receives University of Alaska Foundation Bullock Prize
Mark Herrmann

FAIRBANKS- The University of Alaska Foundation has selected University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Dr. Mark Herrmann as recipient of the 2019 Edith R. Bullock Prize for Excellence. Herrmann is Dean of UAF’s School of Management and a faculty member for 25-plus years. The Edith R. Bullock Prize for Excellence is the Foundation’s most prestigious award.

Herrmann’s affiliation with the university dates back to 1991 when he was hired as an assistant professor within the Economics Department at UAF. He worked his way up from assistant professor to full professor and subsequently to the UAF School of Management Dean.

Former student Christi Bell, associate vice provost and executive director of the University of Alaska Anchorage Business Enterprise Institute, stated in her nomination of Herrmann, “while Dr. Herrmann is a well-established and seasoned leader, he is simultaneously an up-and-coming leader of the UA system. This honor would not only recognize the work that Dr. Herrmann has already accomplished, but simultaneously recognize an entrepreneurial and innovative leader of the UA system at a time when we desperately need more of these types of leaders.”

Under Herrmann’s leadership, the School of Management has increased revenue and reduced costs all while improving the student experience, increasing enrollment and graduation rates, and expanding community outreach. These accomplishments have not gone unnoticed outside the university. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB) has continually simultaneously accredited both  the UAF School of Management and its accounting program. This distinction has only been achieved by 182 universities worldwide. The AACSB has recognized UAF as a shining example of a learning environment  that integrates knowledge, practice and professional development and sets the standard for business schools across the nation.

Herrmann will receive a considerable award for his significant contribution to the university from the UA Foundation, thanks to a generous gift from Edith Bullock. Edith R. Bullock’s 30 years of service to the university included serving on the Board of  Regents and the Foundation Board of Trustees. Foundation Chair Alex Slivka stated, “the Edith R. Bullock Prize carries the name of a woman whose works and services within the State of Alaska have been widely recognized for excellence. Likewise,  Dr. Herrmann’s tenure with the university has transformed the School of Management into one of the best managed schools in the University of Alaska  system and is internationally recognized as a gold standard for other business schools. His efforts embodies the excellence that Mrs. Bullock wished to showcase through this prize.”

The University of Alaska Foundation announces the winning proposal for the 2019 Angus Gavin Memorial Migratory Bird Research Grant

Michael Johns, a graduate student in biology and wildlife at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, received $14,400 to support his proposal entitled “Winter habitat use and oil exposure risks of Cassin’s auklets and pigeon guillemots in the North Pacific.” The project concentrates on identifying important winter environmental conditions and hotspots that may affect the movement and breeding success of North Pacific seabirds, which then can be used to predict habitat use and mortality risks due to climate change.

Johns is collaborating with Point Blue Conservation Science as part of their ongoing study of seabirds on the Farallon Islands in California. The Gavin grant is designed to yield information of value in the management of Alaskan bird species. This award is provided annually to support research on bird species found either permanently or seasonally in Alaska or its coastal waters, including their biology, general ecology and habitat relationships. The collaboration between UAF and Point lue Conservation Science is important as it looks at factors that may affect the mortality rate of the seabirds while seasonally away from Alaska.

Johns’s project will assist in understanding how climate change may affect Alaska’s avian population over time. The Gavin Grant, part of the UA Foundation’s consolidated endowment fund, was established in 1981 with a gift from Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) to honor the memory of Angus Gavin, an environmental scientist and advisor to ARCO. Gavin was hand-picked by ARCO Chairman Robert O. Anderson to observe, categorize and quantify the little known flora and fauna of Prudhoe Bay in 1969. Gavin’s work was instrumental in helping ARCO and the scientific community draw conclusions, pro or con, about the impact of oil field development on the ecology of the North Slope and to recommend operational changes that would minimize or negate any adverse effects on the environment.

For more information, call Dory Straight at the UA Foundation, 907-450-8030

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