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Northrim donation endows scholarship, honors bank founder Knudson

Friday, November 8, 2013

Northrim Bank and its affiliate, Residential Mortgage, have established an endowed scholarship with a $100,000 donation to the University of Alaska Foundation in memory of Chris Knudson.

Knudson died Sept. 13, 2013, after a lengthy battle against cancer. The scholarship will be available for UA students majoring in accounting beginning in 2014 at $4,500 per year—a $1,500 scholarship for students at each university. Northrim Bank will make additional contributions during initial years, until endowment earnings can support the annual $4,500 scholarships.

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Princess/Holland America Donate $1 million to UA programs, facilities

September 24, 2013

Princess Cruise Lines Ltd. and Holland America Line Inc. have joined forces to donate $1 million to the University of Alaska Foundation for research and education critical to the health of the sea, tourism and hospitality industry training and student scholarships.  

Read the entire press release here.

Partnerships in Aviation Education: Era Alaska Shows Its True Colors


Dauenhauer Selected 2013 Edith R. Bullock Prize for Excellence Winner

Richard Dauenhauer Selected 2013 Edith R. Bullock Prize for Excellence Winner

Richard Dauenhauer, retired professor of Alaska Native Languages and Culture at the University of Alaska Southeast, is the 2013 recipient of the University of Alaska Foundation’s prestigious Edith R. Bullock Prize for Excellence. The Bullock Prize for Excellence includes a cash award and is the largest single award made annually by the UA Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

“It is with great pleasure that we announce that former University of Alaska professor, Richard Dauenhauer is this year’s Edith R. Bullock Prize for Excellence recipient,” announced Jo Michalski, chair of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. “Edith Bullock established the award to showcase the extraordinary achievements of individuals on behalf of the University of Alaska system. Dr. Dauenhauer’s work in preserving endangered Alaska Native languages, especially Tlingit, exemplifies excellence by connecting the university with our native language citizens and introducing their culture to the world.”

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UA Foundation awards migratory bird research grant

The University of Alaska Foundation announces Tyler Lewis and Adam DuBour as the recipients of the 2013 Angus Gavin Memorial Migratory Bird Research Grant.

Lewis and DuBour, post-graduate students in biological sciences and wildlife biology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, received the $15,000 award with their joint proposal entitled “Ecosystem Change in Boreal Wetlands and its Relation to Waterbirds: the Importance of Aquatic Invertebrates” and “Feeding Ecology of Lesser Scaup Ducklings in the Boreal Forest: An Examination of a Trophic Mismatch.” The concurrent projects collaborate on research related to management and conservation of waterbirds on the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska. Both projects examine relationships between waterbirds and their aquatic food sources and how such relationships may be influenced by recent climate change.

The award is provided to support research on bird species found either permanently or seasonally in Alaska or its coastal waters, including their biology, general ecology and habitat relationships. Boreal wetlands and lakes account for 50 percent of global lake surface area and are internationally important breeding areas for a variety of waterbird species. It is important to examine long-term changes in the wetlands and the effects of these changes on waterbird communities.

Research shows the boreal wetlands are drying up. Information gained on the boreal wetlands could be applied to other areas of Alaska related to how changes in climate will influence food sources in wetlands and waterbird abundance and distribution. Dr. Joel Schmutz, research wildlife biologist at the University of Alaska Anchorage and UAF, states these projects “have great potential for important insights about the ecological functioning of boreal forest wetlands and their sensitivity to climate change.”

This grant, part of the UA Foundation’s consolidated endowment trust, was established in 1981 with a gift from the Atlantic Richfield Co. to honor the memory of Angus Gavin, an environmental scientist and advisor to ARCO. Gavin was hand-picked by ARCO Chairman Robert O. Anderson to observe, categorize and quantify the little known flora and fauna of Prudhoe Bay in 1969. Gavin’s work was instrumental in helping ARCO and the scientific community draw conclusions, pro or con, about the impact of oil field development on the ecology of the North Slope and to recommend operational changes that would minimize or negate any adverse effects on the environment.


ExxonMobil supports higher education in Alaska through Pick.Click.Give

January 2013

ExxonMobil has again offered an amazing matching gift to encourage donations to Alaska colleges and universities during the 2013 Pick.Click.Give. campaign. Every contribution to any of the campuses of the University of Alaska, Ilisagvik College, and Alaska Pacific University will be matched one-to-one up to $100,000.

Please consider making a gift of all or a portion of your PFD to support higher education. Your personal gift, combined with ExxonMobil’s matching contribution, has the power to change lives. All across our great state, lives are changed every day at the University of Alaska. Your support is critical to our efforts to provide a high-quality education to our students, contribute to solving local and global issues through research and dissemination of knowledge, and improve the quality of life for all Alaskans.  

This matching gift is just one way ExxonMobil supports programs that encourage students to take an active interest in math and science. We appreciate their generous donations.

Click here to donate  and have your gift matched today.

University of Alaska Foundation Calendar Year 2012 End Instructions

The University of Alaska Foundation has posted its Calendar Year 2012 End Instructions.  Please click here to review them.

The University of Alaska Foundation will close for the holidays beginning Monday, December 24th
through Tuesday, January 1st, inclusive.

A staff member will be available at each Foundation office during the closure to accept gifts.

Anchorage Office Hours: Thursday, December 27th, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Friday, December 28th, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.   Please call (907) 786-1016 for assistance during these hours.

Fairbanks Office Hours: Wednesday through Friday, December 26th through 28th, from 9:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Please call (907) 474-5987 for assistance during these hours.

If you need to contact a staff member immediately during the closure regarding your gift to the University of Alaska, please contact David Woodley, Director of Advancement Services at (907) 854-3000.  You may also give online by clicking here

Please consult your tax adviser to determine the 2012 tax considerations of your donations.   The University of Alaska Foundation resumes regular business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) on Wednesday, January 2, 2013.   Thank you for your support and Happy Holidays.


Proposals Wanted: Angus Gavin Migratory Bird Research Grant

The University of Alaska Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of the 2013 Angus Gavin Memorial Bird Research Grant.

The Angus Gavin Memorial Migratory Bird Research Grant was created in 1983 with gifts from Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO), now ConocoPhillips, and ARCO employees in honor of Angus Gavin. The grant supports research on migratory bird species found either permanently or seasonally in Alaska or its coastal waters, including their biology, general ecology and habitat relationships.

The amount of the grant is $15,000. Download the full grant announcement here (PDF) .

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