July 17, 2008

Statewide Staff Campaign exceeds the 65% goal by reaching 67% participation!


The 2008 Statewide Staff Campaign lived up to what Ryan Muspratt said during the Kick-off on May 12th that “the generosity speaks volumes of the character of the employees here at Statewide and is a remarkable representation of Alaska as a whole.”

The Statewide Staff Campaign was initiated five years ago and each year the percentage of staff participation goal has been increased. Last year’s goal was of 63% was met in the closing days of the campaign. The strategic plan for this year’s campaign was to center on the impact of giving and the cycle of generosity with the goal of increasing participation among the statewide employees to 65%. The high participation rate set by statewide employees sends the message of the importance of generosity within the University and is designed as a model for campuses to follow with their own campaigns.

The campaign included many activities which promoted the cycle of generosity. Each week the cabinet members delivered messages of giving as reminder of the importance of participation and the impact that it has with UA programs, campuses, scholarships and students. Statewide employees received weekly e-mails featuring scholarship funds or project funds in need of their support. One of the funds featured was the Dr. Cary S. Keller Scholarship fund, which was established by recent UAF Alumnus Ryan Muspratt. The Dr. Keller scholarship fund will help future athletes attending UAF.

By reaching a 67%, the success of the campaign means that it is easier for the University’s fundraisers to secure funding from donors. The national average of giving among employees is 17%. At the University of Alaska, statewide employees were motivated to participate at nearly 4 times this rate! Statewide employees take pride in this accomplishment and in the good that the funds raised will do for the University that they care so much for. Corporations and foundations often inquire about the giving participation of University employees and the percentage can be the determining factor in whether or not the University receives a transformational gift from such donors.

During the wrap-up event which was held on June 16th, President Hamilton expressed his heartfelt appreciation and gratitude by thanking all the employees for their generosity and acknowledging that it is truly phenomenal how, in a time of economic straits, statewide employees still found a way to express their generosity and participate in a cause that will impact the philanthropic efforts benefiting the University of Alaska.

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