NTC Faculty Team

The Northern Test Case faculty team consists of:

Gary Kofinas, UAF Professor of Resource Policy and Management (lead)

Todd Brinkman, UAF Assistant Professor of Wildlife Biology (co-lead)

Christopher Arp, UAF Research Assistant Professor (focus: hydroecology)

Matt Berman, UAA Professor of Economics

Eugenie Euskirchen, UAF Research Assistant Professor (focus: terrestrial ecology)

Brad Griffith, UAF Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology

Anna Liljedahl, UAF Research Assistant Professor (focus: permafrost hydrology)

Mark Lindberg, UAF Professor of Biology

Chanda Meek, UAF Associate Professor of Political Science

Ken Tape, UAF Assistant Professor of Ecology

Sarah Trainor, UAF Assistant Professor of Social-Ecological Systems Sustainability

Mark Wipfli, UAF Professor of Freshwater Ecology

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