The Rural Alaska Honors Institute

A RAHI class.

The Rural Alaska Honors Institute (RAHI) was organized in 1982 at the request of the Alaska Federation of Natives and others to better prepare rural Alaska Native high school students to succeed in college. This summer residential bridging program for high school seniors and rising freshmen assists students from Rural Alaska to make the academic and social transition between high school and college. Admission to RAHI is competitive; full scholarships cover all summer program expenses including travel, room, board, supplies and tuition for up to 9 college credits. Rigorous academic activity combines with social, cultural and recreational activities for early preparation for college. Students are treated as honors students and are purposely stretched beyond their comfort levels academically and socially to prepare for the step from home or village to a culturally western urban campus.

Alaska EPSCoR generally funds two to ten RAHI scholarships each year. In 2010 EPSCor funded 20 RAHI students.