Alaska Native Biological Science Program

The Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP) is a comprehensive suite of outreach, recruitment, retention and placement strategies designed to help Native students to fulfill their potential in college, to sustain their interest in science, technology, engineering, and math, and to develop an interest in graduate study. Originally begun at the University of Alaska Anchorage for engineering students only, ANSEP has greatly increased retention rates (73% over the life of the project vs. the national average retention rate for Native Americans in engineering programs of 27%).

In 2002, the ANSEP program was extended to UAF, and in 2003 the Alaska Native Biological Science (ANBios) program was created to award scholarships and internships to students interested in biomedical research, medical or other professional degrees, or bioinformatics. Alaska EPSCoR generally funds one to four ANBios scholarships a year.

For more information, visit the ANSEP Website.