EPSCoR Co-funding Initiative

For information about co-funding, please read first the NSF EPSCoR webpage about co-funding: http://www.nsf.gov/od/oia/programs/epscor/invest.jsp.

Background: To accelerate the movement of EPSCoR researchers and institutions into the mainstream of federal and private sector R&D support, NSF EPSCoR jointly supports proposals submitted to many of the foundation's ongoing grant programs. Co-funding is not usually available to personal research grants of senior investigators who are currently well-funded by NSF research grants.

  1. Co-funding is NOT a separate program to which an individual PI can apply.
    It is a special initiative of the NSF EPSCoR office to help PIs from EPSCoR states who propose meritorious research that is congruent with state research priorities. To receive a co-funding award, the proposal must meet two criteria:
    1. it must have received a favorable merit review and positive decision by the program officer of the reviewing program, and
    2. it must have been approved for funding by an NSF EPSCoR program officer (in Washington).
  2. Proposal Review and Administration
    The review and administration of EPSCoR-certified proposals will be handled by the NSF programs to which they were submitted. Using the merit review criteria described in their program solicitations and the Grant Proposal Guide, each NSF program will identify those proposals that meet their standards of S&T quality. Co-funding award decisions follow negotiations between the NSF EPSCoR staff and the NSF program officers.
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