2008-2009 Awards

Early-Career Faculty Awards

Awardee Project RC Campus
Ana Aguilar-Islas Riverine input of trace metals into the Arctic Ocean: Possible effects of increased river discharge on the coastal ecosystem PS UAF
Courtney Carothers Initiating research to explore fishing community and fishery system resilience and sustainability in the Gulf of Alaska SS UAF
Margaret Darrow Developing international partnerships for the investigation of unfrozen water in frozen soil PS UAF
Mary Beth Leigh Correlating soil microbial community function with Alaskan vegetation type BS UAF
Stephanie Martin Human migration in response to changing social, physical and biological processes SS UAA
Robert Pattison Quantifying the relationships between spectral properties, community composition, and biomass in upland tundra BS UAA
Sanjay Pyare Ecosystem services, cyberinfrastructure and biogeography SS UAS
Brian Rasley Establishing baseline data to assess the impact of persistent toxic substances in fish and water in the Nushagak watershed PS UAF
David Tallmon Genetic plasticity of coastrange sculpin in Glacier National Park BS UAS

RC: Research Component; PS: Physical Science; BS: Biological Science; SS: Social Science


Faculty Buyouts

Awardee RC Campus
Jonathan Alevy SS UAA
Ray Barnhardt SS UAF
Mark Carper SS UAA
LaVerne Demientieff SS UAF
Nelta Edwards SS UAA
Mary Ehrlander SS UAF
Kara Hoover SS UAF
Mara Kimmel SS UAA
Colin West SS UAA
Sanjay Pyare BS UAS
David Yesner SS UAA

RC: Research Component; BS: Biological Science; SS: Social Science


Alaska Native Engagement Mini-Grants

Awardee Project Campus
Anita Hartmann Project ALANSO UAF
Claudia Ihl Engaging Alaska Natives in muskox research UAF
Mary Beth Leigh Exploring climate change through dance UAF
Kenji Yoshikawa Permafrost/Active Layer Monitoring Project UAF

Graduate Student Awards

Graduate Student
Faculty Sponsor RC
Jessica Beecher Diana Wolf BS UAF
Colin Shanley Amy Lovecraft SS UAS
Ryan Cooper Link Olson BS UAF
Margaret Cyszewski Yuri Shur PS UAF
Matthew Dillon Yuri Shur PS UAF
Stacey Fritz David Koester SS UAF
Daniel Glass Lee Taylor BS UAF
Neva Hickman Terrence Cole SS UAF
Kyndall Hildebrandt Link Olson BS UAF
Ryan Kovach David Tallmon BS UAS
Megan Leach Vladimir Romanovsky PS UAF
Jordan Lewis Gerald Mohatt SS UAF
Karen Mager Kris Hundertmark BS UAF
Zach Meyers Stefanie Ickert-Bond BS UAF
Tom Moran Alaska EPSCoR EO UAF
Edda Mutter Birgit Hagedorn PS UAF
Marcy Okada Gary Kofinas SS UAF
Paul Perreault Yuri Shur PS UAF
Li Qiang Zhaohui Yang PS UAA
Julie Raymond-Yakoubian Peter Schweitzer SS UAF
Amanda Rinehart Jeremy Jones PS UAF
Jennifer Rohrs-Richey Christa Mulder BS UAF
Leslie Simmons Bill Schnabel PS UAA
Jedediah Smith Amy Lovecraft SS UAF
James Sowerwine Matt Carlson BS UAA
Nickolas Straka Thomas Ravens PS UAA
Erin Trochim Douglas Kane PS UAF
Becky Warren Joshua Greenberg SS UAF
Paula Williams Lilian Alessa SS UAA
Josh Wisniewski Peter Schweitzer SS UAA
Yu Zhang Leroy Hulsey PS UAF

RC: Research Component; PS: Physical Science; BS: Biological Science; SS: Social Science; EO: Education and Outreach


Undergraduate Awards

Faculty Sponsor Campus
John Cable Mary Beth Leigh UAF
Kari Dammerman David Tallmon UAS
Michael Golub Jing Zhang UAF
Tyson Hansen Maya Salganek UAF
Elizabeth Kunibe Daniel Monteith UAS
Celia Miller Stefanie Ickert-Bond UAF
Molly Wilson Maya Salganek UAF
Kaleb Yates Alaska EPSCoR UAF
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