Alaska State Committee on Research (SCoR) Members:

Mark Hamiliton (Co-Chair)
President, University of Alaska

Sean Parnell (Co-Chair)
Lieutenant Governor
State of Alaska

Craig Dorman (Vice-Chair)
Vice President of Academic Affairs and Research, University of Alaska

Brian M. Barnes
Director, Institute of Arctic Biology
Professor of Biology
University of Alaska Fairbanks

George J. Cannelos
Federal Co-Chair, Denali Commission

Douglas Causey
Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
University of Alaska Anchorage

George M. Happ
Project Director, Alaska EPSCoR
P rogram Director, INBRE
Research Professor,
Institute of Arctic Biology
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Jack H\xe9bert
Cold Climate Housing Research Center

Pete Kelly
Director of State Relations
University of Alaska

Gail Marshall
Phoenix Food Consulting, Ltd.

Walter Parker
Chair, Circumpolar Infrastructure Task Force of the Arctic Council

Clarence Pautzke
Executive Director, North Pacific Research Board

Karen Perdue
Associate Vice President
Statewide Health Programs
University of Alaska System

Karen Schmitt
Vice Provost for Research
Dean, Schools of Management and Career Education
University of Alaska Southeast

Peter P. Schweitzer
Project Director Designate, Alaska EPSCoR
Professor, Department of Anthropology
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Virgil (Buck) Sharpton
Vice Chancellor for Research
Director, Geographic Information Network of Alaska
President's Professor of Remote Sensing
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Gary Stevens
Alaska State Senator, District R

Lee Williams
Vice-President for Research
University of Oklahoma

New members from the 25th Alaska State Legislature

Gene Therriault
Alaska State Senator, District F

Bill Wielechowski
Alaska State Senator, District J

Beth Kerttula
Alaska State Representative, District 3

Ralph Samuels
Alaska State Representative, District 29

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