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EdRising AK 2020-2021 Dual Credit Overview 
Access Passcode: +8RvF6Y.

PD Course Webinar 
Recorded September 15, 2020.  Access Passcode: D726?9Py

PD Course Webinar
Recorded October 20, 2020.  Access Passcode: zhxHr^0t

 PD Course Webinar
Recorded October 27, 2020.  Access Passcode: 0%U.T3Cf

PD Course Webinar
Recorded November 17, 2020.  Access Passcode:  6.y29kOy

PD Course Webinar
Recorded January 19, 2021. This video is housed on Vimeo.

PD Course Webinar
Recorded February 16, 2021. This video is housed on Vimeo.

EdRising Alaska Courses 3 & 4 Curriculum Webinar 
Recorded September 1, 2020. Access Passcode: o$#g.=88

Dual Enrollment Webinar 
Access Passcode: 3i3=tw7*